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  1. What Have I Done to Piss Off Ford This Badly?

    Order number 5. Day 1 for the 2024 ordered on 8/16/2023. Promise of updates every 45 days as everyone knows. 109 days later I get this. First day reservation at launch mind you. I waited a year before I gave up the first time. 2016, and 2021 F150 Lariat owner also. Come on!
  2. Creative Solution for Mom With Bad Knees

    I have a 2024 Bronco Badlands on order with the rock rails. I am so excited to get it and take my elderly mum off-road. She's probably more excited than I am. Haha. The problem is that she can no longer step up into trucks like she used to. I have an F-150 with a level kit and side steps and it...
  3. More Bronco pics | From the International Off-Road Expo

    I know, I know. You’ve all seen them before. These are the same Bronco’s that have been all over. I just wanted to share. Who knows, maybe I caught an angle we haven’t already seen. Big thanks to the Ford reps there. They were super nice and willing to try and answer our questions. Here’s a...