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  1. CACTUS GRAY THREAD!!!! if you’re choosing cactus gray lemme know. I think it’s the best color available at the moment.

    In 2013 when I bought my "10th Anniversary" Jeep Rubicon it came with a unique 10A color: Anvil. It was like A51 and CG, you couldn't get a good pic of it. In the end, I just couldn't pull the trigger and got the silver instead. Silver is timeless, hides the dirt and scratches, shows off the...
  2. Official: Bronco Build & Price Goes Live Tonight @ 12:01AM EST

    It really was. I can't speak to the '14 mentioned, but I had a 2005 GT Convertible, silver with the red interior (IEP) and I loved it. Such a pretty car.
  3. Official: Bronco Build & Price Goes Live Tonight @ 12:01AM EST

    Hmmm... is it just me? I'm not seeing this on their Insta anymore.
  4. Spotted: Bronco Warthog marked as "Warthog" by Ford engineers

    No, the 2.7 doesn't. But the earlier shots of one of the Warthog's does. Agreed. Testing a different platform? Didn't like how the Fox system worked on this vehicle?
  5. Spotted: Bronco Warthog marked as "Warthog" by Ford engineers

    Likely written on there while on the bench, pre-assembly. Then someone forgot to wipe it off post install.
  6. Bronco Warthog Spotted on Video

    The flares obviously can impact optics, but it seems there is real space from hub to fender that looks to a be more significant than Sasquatch, for example.
  7. Bronco Warthog Spotted on Video

    THAT has some lift. Me likey.
  8. Area 51 thread

    Ok... this is going to stray into "nail polish color" territory ??‍♂️; I get what people are saying about baby blue, but it strikes me as living somewhere between stormy sky and robin's egg. I'll walk myself out.
  9. Area 51 thread

    This is pretty close to where my thinking has been. A51 Badlands, 'squatch, 35 BFGs, winch, overland focused. I would like more lift, but it's nice to see a version so close to what's been in my head.
  10. Bronco Overland Concept Revealed! With Live Debut Video & Pics From Super Celebration East

    Front grill cam with winch! Need someone to ask them what it looks like on screen.
  11. Area 51 thread

    Good catch. So it’s just a good example of the color indoor and outdoor
  12. Area 51 thread

    Same Bronco as earlier in the factory, but out in the sun. [ENHANCE]
  13. Area 51 thread

    These two colors react significantly to light (both intensity of the light and type - sun vs. artificial). Also, these color react significantly to different cameras (sensors and color correction). The combo of the two makes it ridiculously difficult to capture what the eye sees. But the first...
  14. Area 51 thread

    or: https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/more-preproduction-broncos-completed-area-51-wildtrak-race-red-badlands-rapid-red-big-bend-cyber-orange-obx-oxford-white-obx-iconic-silver.6219/
  15. Bronco Warthog Prototype Spied On Raptor 17" Bead Lock Wheels

    I'm probably just slow this Monday morning (sorry man), but I'm not tracking what you want to solve for there. Clearly the camo will distort the view because you can't see where the side panels actually are due to the camo going from the hipline straight to the fender flare. But I don't think...
  16. Stopped by the dealership this morning and......

    The date where they seal the deal and take a second check? That‘s a date they won’t miss. ?
  17. New preproduction Broncos off the line: Area 51, Cyber Orange, Rapid Red, Iconic Silver, Race Red, Soft Top

    Agreed. But Cactus Gray has dropped down the list for me. It looks paler, flatter and grayer to me on the more recent ones vs the original release heroes. I think silver has slotted above it to 2nd behind A51. at least... that’s how I feel today. It’ll change.