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  1. [UPDATE: Raptor Engine Replaced. Factory defects with cracked heads] - Bronco Raptor 3.0 Engine Blown after 300 miles due to cracked heads failure

    i think people are very quick have knee jerk reactions with this type of stuff. realistically, all cars can have issues like this. my brother has owned 3 hyundai's (last gen sonata, last gen santa fe, and current gen pallisade). both last gen's had electrical issues within 500km. both last...
  2. Jeep Concepts at Easter Jeep Sfari

    the 41 and rubicon look fantastic. call me when they finally change the interior.
  3. Backseat cup holders confirmed for Everglades

    how fast are you guys going around corners where a drink is getting knocked out of the cup holder? and the leather 4dr broncos always had rear cup holders.
  4. Fully Line-X the whole bronco

    great job. you can see how easily the bronco can have body panels fitted and/or repaired.
  5. Ford really dropped the ball on this!!!

    do you want wash out interior or interior that isn't affected by light rain, sand, dirt, etc when you go off road? or do you want to deal with the the vented seats not working after a year or two because of all the crap that has fallen in there? they didn't do it because people would be asking...
  6. Jumping a New Bronco! *Not a Photoshop / CGI*

    thats a smooth jump. some of you guys here are hilarious. so against a bronco going off a jump in a controlled area but race it in a desert or drag the bottom of it against rocks or throw it through a ton of mud or water at speed and thats fine. jokers.
  7. Teaser for Jurassic Park Bronco Raptor renders!

    Teasers are usually dark or hide a lot of the subject and don't reveal the full thing. Movie was like 30 years ago but the 6G Bronco wasn't. You can kinda see theres new things on it. So don't be a Debbie downer. On the more positive side, I'd love to see a IRL roof like that. With th side...
  8. I am torn. Bronco vs. Daily Driving a Guzzler

    that is what the report says. sorry i rounded up 4000km. but not knowing where every bit of electricity comes and your state probably does produce 57% with wind, but what about other states? other countries? my province only gets 30% from renewable and 60% from nuclear (10% from fossil...
  9. I am torn. Bronco vs. Daily Driving a Guzzler

    Volvo has release a report a few weeks ago comparing the CO2 emissions impact of the XC40 electric versus ICE. from mining for batteries to building engines, Volvo is able to directly compare both equally as Volvo build both cars and they are both the same just different powertrains. long...
  10. Bronco 2.7L as an ONLY vehicle

    if you have concerns about needing a reliable vehicle and are going as far as debating if the 2.7 is reliable enough, go buy a corolla or civic. but beware, the theft rate on them is high.
  11. $4,838 ADM unreasonable on a Wildtrack Hardtop?

    if you really want it. then it's up to your financial risk/status on if you can afford it. i wouldn't pay over msrp. i'd rather wait until things are more readily available and i can get what i want for the price i want.
  12. Warn 8274-70 on my First Edition

    agree. you may run into cooling issues. especially during idling or slow moving periods.
  13. "DO NOT USE 93 OCTANE" ?

    most likely the case was to keep you in the dealership longer, try and get you to trust him, talk to him, so he can sell you on something. probably typical sales man. problem with salesmen at dealerships is that they aren't really car people. so they try and sell what they are given and don't...
  14. Calling all Canadian 2 door owners.

    you guys think americans under estimate the size of canada? like, do they know it takes 20 hours of driving to go from toronto to the edge of manitoba? lol it's like miami to dallas. pretty much half way across the states.
  15. 3rd Third Brake Light Removed & Relocated -- DIY How-To

    nice. i would have preferred to use heat shrink versus electrical tape but it's a good job.
  16. Random vibrations after 2" Lift and 315/70r17s

    is the vibration gradually come on or is instant? does the vibration feel likes it's coming from a certain tire? or just steering? could a wheel weight come off at some point?
  17. Adding interior LED ambient lighting (now with working photos!)

    couldn't you tap into the existing footwell lighting and mount lights in the back from that?
  18. Big Bend CV Axle Problem or Rough Country 2" spacer lift &, or 35" tires - Who's to blame?

    i don't think the size of the tire has anything to do with it, it's the weight of the tire. (also the angles that everything is on). you might not hear anything from jeep people because they are not concerned about it. they break something and will just replace it with an upgraded part. that's...