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  1. Where do you put/store your key fob in the vehicle?

    Or the off button. Mine never double honks when engine is off. And when I stop to get the mail I only close the door to first catch
  2. Where do you put/store your key fob in the vehicle?

    You are not wrong. At least it wasn't a Defender. Dead battery in the woods and factory hascto send out a computer or so I have heard
  3. Rear ended on Sunday :( $20K repair estimate! [Update: TOTALED]

    How many years ago Toyota replaced frames under a boatload of trucks for rustout?
  4. Where do you put/store your key fob in the vehicle?

    You could just as easily carry the keyless panel in a shirt or jacket pocket. Just like keyfob it only has to be near vehicle not on it
  5. Where do you put/store your key fob in the vehicle?

    Nothing wrong with locking your Bronco but the fob should remain in your pocket ----or purse. Do you leave your pockets in thd vehicle when you exit? Then no chance of losing anything in your pockets or leaving behind. And there are 2 options of locking vehicle upon exit neither of which make...
  6. What genius at Ford?

    What effin trailer manufacturer would sell a rig with a jack that sticks up 2 feet and is only 12 " from tongue? Folding jack Drop down tailgate on Ranger doesn't interfere with hitched trailers
  7. Is there a way to make the DRL's stay on all the time?

    Remove a circle of tint directly in front of sensor? It's obviously not a spot you look through
  8. Rules are Rules and a sport?

    The #1 RULE is no matter how little the tree or few leaves, always park in the shade. Except under trees that spit sap that glues itself to the paint or yellow pollen. Rule 2 is park way away from rusted out beaters. Rule 3 is do not intentionally park next to a Carolina Squatter I see no...
  9. Just built (online) a Lexus GX Overtrail+

    Doesn't mean they will order one for you without some serious cash down. And at that price I would build out a Defender 110 or an Ineos Grenadier plus a Bronco
  10. Finally finished my Grabber Blue Bronco custom repaint! 😁

    Earl Scheib or AAMCO standard operating procedure. Leaves enough of original paint behind all non body attachments to verify original color. To each their own I guess but I have never painted a vehicle with lights still installed
  11. Finally finished my Grabber Blue Bronco custom repaint! 😁

    He was tired of people pointing out that his Bronco was a '21 However it does look nice and now makes my AMB and everyone else's one unit more rare.
  12. 🔥 New Arrival: Vehicle Laptop Mount for Bronco! 10%OFF

    Looks nice solid and sturdy but I have yet to need laptop access while under motion. I admit to pulling off the interstate into a Cracker Barrel parking lot to handle a business emergency requiring my laptop but if my Bronco gets to the point of needing my Torque II app I will use a tablet

    Sounds like what they sell at the summer roving carnivals for $5. One squeezed lemon plus 16 Oz crushed ice and water. For me at the moment it's Folgers Trailblazer from a k- cup. Note that most posts in this thread that reference high cost libations all date before the first Bronco was built...
  14. TSB 22-2392 (Please Help Me Stay Positive) Charging System Fault Message In The Instrument Panel Cluster - Mud Accumulation In Generator

    The q of where you bought might not be a refusal to work on it but where in the line of vehicles to be worked on it gets placed. Bought "here" takes precedence over " not here". It can be as simple as that along with still a lack of enough techs after covid.
  15. Do you have Dirty Pics of a Bronco

    Waiting for the guy's wife to come home for dirty pics is even weirder
  16. Warranty cost for a dealer?

    The dealer won't throw in an extended warranty as they buy that separate from the car. Or if they do the cost comes put of their margin. There are programs that some dealers participate in and tack on for "free" on every new car they sell. Local Subaru (who also sells VW and BMW) includes...
  17. RCI Half Rack - Wind Whistle

    Try one of these or similar...
  18. 87 top-tier gas, 93 non-top-tier gas, or mix it up for the Bronco?

    I rely on 93 as well for all your same reasons. But even at dialed in max advance limited by the ECM and running 93 there may be times of intermittent knock
  19. DRL Brightness post NTSHA recall with Alpharex Lights

    So these were not your oem factory installed headlights?