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  1. NEW BLOG: First Look Plasma LED Wheel Rings

    ORACLE’s PLASMA™ LED Wheel Rings are the latest advancement in our expansive lighting modifications. The PLASMA LEDs features a unique seamless ring of LEDs which means NO DOTS like you see with other LED Wheel Rings on the market. This is a PATENT-PENDNG feature only offered by ORACLE Lighting...
  2. Memorial Day Sale is Live at ORACLE Lighting!

    The UNOFFICIAL Kickoff to summer is here and our Memorial Day Sale is Live! Save 10% on everything in our store with code: MEMORIAL2024 and receive a free Footwell Lighting Kit with all orders over $250! These versatile lighting kits can be used almost anywhere to create a beautiful ambient...
  3. Wheeling Wednesday!!! Let's see those Broncos off-road!

    It's hump day and we're halfway through the week. Let's see those Broncos in their natural habitat - OFF-ROAD!! https://www.oraclelights.com/collections/2021-2023-ford-bronco-products
  4. Tushy Tuesday!! Let's see those Bronco Rear Ends!


    Featuring both an individual SAE Fog Light and two individual Off-Road Laser Auxiliary Light Modules, this new modular kit from ORACLE provides unparalleled lighting features for your new Bronco. The Fog Light features a single LED which functions to provide the user with additional lighting on...
  6. Celebrate International Day of Light with SAVINGS

    Celebrate International Day of Light with ORACLE Lighting's Vega Series LED Spotlight Pods. All orders more than $300 can get the Vega Series lights for 30% off! Utilizing high-quality LED lighting components, such as OSRAM LED chips, the Vega series offers intense output performance while also...

    Check out a great blog on choosing the right light for your vehicle. It's on our blog page! https://www.oraclelights.com/blogs/news/mirror-ditch-lights-vs-pod-lights-finding-your-perfect-fit
  8. NEW VIDEO! The Latest Video on the New Vega Series Auxiliary Lights

    Check out the latest from ORACLE Lighting featuring the Vega Series lights! These powerful lights provide additional off-road lighting whenever you need it! https://www.oraclelights.com/products/oracle-lighting-vega-40w-series-led-light-pod-spotlights-pair
  9. Front End Friday! Show off your Bronco!

  10. Cinco de Mayo savings with our Flush Mount Fiesta!!

    You don't need sombreros or margaritas to save on our Flush Mount Tail Lights. Use code "FLUSHFIESTA15" so save 15% on our Flush Mount Tail Lights now through May 6th, 2024.. https://www.oraclelights.com/products/bronco-flush-tail-lights
  11. 📽 New Video Featuring Our Bronco Lineup

    Here's a brand new video featuring products on the ORACLE Lighting Bronco. The lights are bright and eyecatching for sure. Save on your Bronco lighting by using the forum exclusive code BRONCO10 at https://www.oraclelights.com/collections/2021-2023-ford-bronco-products
  12. Tail Light Tuesday - POST YOUR PICS

    Post up your pics... Here's one from CJPony! Order yours at https://www.oraclelights.com/products/bronco-flush-tail-lights using our forum specific discount code: BRONCO10
  13. 📽 New Bronculus Video from ORACLE LIGHTING 📽

    Check out the Bronculus video featuring our ORACLE LIGHTING OCULUS™ BI-LED PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS FOR 2021+ FORD BRONCO. See how it looks on our Bronco and order for yours today. Use the FORUM exclusive discount code: BRONCO10 and order from...
  14. 🔦 Product Spotlight 🔦 LED CARGO LIGHT FOR 2021-2024 FORD BRONCO

    The cargo area is virtually overlooked in lighting from Ford. The Ford Bronco is a great vehicle, but one area for improvement is the factory LED interior lighting in the cargo area. The existing lighting doesn't provide enough usable illumination for the rear cargo area. ORACLE Lighting has...
  15. 📺 New Video 📺 Illuminated LED Letter Badges

    Check out this great video of the time-lapse install at ORACLE HQ. Purchase yours using the forum exclusive discount code: BRONCO10 https://www.oraclelights.com/products/oracle-lighting-universal-illuminated-led-letter-badges
  16. 🕘🚨 Time Is Slipping By 🚨🕒 Best Deal of the Season

    Our clocks moved forward, and so time keeps on moving!!! Don't miss out on the best deal of the season with our Spring Forward event. Get your rig ready for the upcoming adventures ahead and save. These deals won’t last through Spring so hurry and get your savings on. Offer is available from...
  17. 🌸 Spring Forward! 🌸 Savings INSIDE

    Spring has sprung. Savings are here! These deals won’t last through Spring so hurry and get your savings on. Offer is available from March 7th through March 17th using promo code: SPRINGFORWARD. This is the best deal of the season. Find your next lighting solution here...
  18. Jason's Sweet Build

    Here's a video of Jason's rig featuring some great Oracle Lighting lights. Get the great products at https://www.oraclelights.com/collections/2021-2023-ford-bronco-products using forum exclusive code: BRONCO10
  19. 📖 Blog 📖 We Do Content, too!

    Check out our latest blog and all of our other great content. https://www.oraclelights.com/blogs/news/oracle-lighting-ford-bronco-off-road-laser-and-led-fog-light-kit-installation
  20. 📽 New Video! 📽 ORACLE Lighting Integrated Lightbar

    ORACLE LIGHTING INTEGRATED WINDSHIELD ROOF LED LIGHT BAR SYSTEM FOR 2021+ FORD BRONCO with amber or white clearance/DLR. https://www.oraclelights.com/products/oracle-lighting-integrated-windshield-roof-led-light-bar-system-for-2021-ford-bronco