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  1. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    I ended up contacting the internet sales manager at my dealer and she let me know that they will be cutting me a check for the price protection. I have it in writing. Supposedly, the sales department doesn’t know anything about the retail price protection and only finance. I let her know that...
  2. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    can you show me your purchase order so that I can prove it to my dealer if you don’t mind.
  3. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    It was seamless but they didn’t give me the price protection. I didn’t want to fight with them about it anymore so I bit the bullet. Got my private offer and walked out.
  4. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    Yeah please let me know. I’m going back to the stealership today to argue about price protection. I would love to see your purchase order if the price protection ends up being added for you.
  5. Ultimate 2023MY PRICE PROTECTION Flowchart

    Do you think that ford marketing can give me this info if I call them?
  6. Ultimate 2023MY PRICE PROTECTION Flowchart

    my dealer is telling me that ford doesn’t do this anymore. So I need some evidence to prove the retail price protection is still a thing. They honored my private offer.
  7. Ultimate 2023MY PRICE PROTECTION Flowchart

    can anyone confirm that ford still does retail price protection. I’m currently being lied to about them not doing it anyone. Picking up my bronco and just need confirmation/evidence. I have 23MY that I ordered in Jan 2022.
  8. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    I can’t believe it but it happened. My dealer is lying to me saying that they don’t do retail price protection and that ford stopped doing it last year. I knew this was going to happen. Can anyone confirm that this is the case? Looks like I am going to have to go to battle.
  9. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    I’m at mid 5% with my credit union
  10. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    thanks I believe I have a little over $8k. I actually just checked and it looks like my bronco made it to the dealer today.
  11. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    no, I feel like something fishy is going on. My tracker says final preparations which means it’s at the dealer. However, my salesman told me that my truck isn’t there. So I called ford marketing and they told me that my truck did arrive so i dont know what’s going on.
  12. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    Supposedly dealers only accept one private offer? I just got off the phone with ford marketing and that’s what I am being told which doesn’t seem correct.
  13. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    Actually I spoke too soon just hadn’t checked the tracker
  14. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    Hopefully I am on the same truck. I still haven’t gotten a shipping estimate so I will have to call marketing. You would think that I would have the vehicle since I’m in Chicago. My coworker got his shipped in the same week that It was built.
  15. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    I’m convoy so not something I’ve looked at. yeah good question for those tracking rail.
  16. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    not yet but I’d imagine mine shouldn’t take too long being that I’m only three hours away from MAP
  17. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    My order went back to order confirmed which is weird.