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  1. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    Picked her up yesterday! Dealer applied the private offer and price protection, so the final price was close to what I was expecting. It didn't bring the price all the way down to the original price from Feb. 2022, but Hoss 3.0 was added to Wildtrak after that, so it seems fair.
  2. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    The dealer emailed me this morning and said that it will be ready today. Hopefully there's no drama with the private offer and price protection, but I'll report back when I pick it up this afternoon. Can't believe the wait is almost over!!
  3. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    Still waiting for my dealer to take delivery. My car arrived at the Richmond, CA railyard on 12/21, which is 30-40 miles from my dealer. They said that they're waiting on 6 or 7 cars, so it should get delivered soon. My dealer also said to not even bother applying for Ford credit. The best...
  4. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    As I understand it, there are two kinds of price protection- model year transition private offers, and retail price protection. If you had a model year 2022 order that was changed to a MY23, you're entitled to the private offer. I have 3 private offers for $3,080, but only one will apply. I also...
  5. 2024 Bronco Orders

    There’s no need to download anything. The modules will appear on that page once they start getting turned on. The four digit tear tag means that your build is complete.
  6. Bronco build week 9/18/2023

    Congrats! That’s one badass looking Raptor! Code Orange looks metallic on the build-a-bronco site, but not at all in real life pics. If they offered that color on the Wildtrak I would have had a really hard time deciding on a color.
  7. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    Here are the instructions in post #1- https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/where-is-my-bronco-how-to-track-order-delivery-info-thread-updated-december-9-2022.60882/ and here are more detailed instructions that explain how to program the CSX 800 # and the whole sequence of railcar initials...
  8. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    Anyone pick up their Bronco yet? My railcar arrived in Richmond, CA early on 12/19, so now I’m just waiting for it to get on a truck for the ~35 mile trip to the dealer. My dealer said that can take a couple weeks sometimes, which seems crazy, but that’s where I’m at. The CSX tracker did update...
  9. Will rail car# change at any point?

    This^. Mine just arrived at the end of the line in Richmond, CA this morning and I tracked it the whole way using the CSX tracking system. Here's a handy thread about programming the #, railcar initials and numbers, and the necessary waits and pauses. It will save you a lot of time-...
  10. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    Getting close! My rail car arrived in Barstow, CA early this morning. I'm surprised Homeland Security isn't knocking on my door since I've called the CSX tracking # so many times lol
  11. Bronco Build Week 12/11

    I was able to get my rail car info on Ford chat last Saturday, 12/9/2023.
  12. Bronco Build Week 12/11

    If the tracker is right that means you're going to have your Bronco real soon! Have you heard from the dealer? States that border MI go by truck rather than rail, but that's still crazy fast- built on 12/11 and at the dealer 2 days later! Congrats!
  13. Bronco Build Week 12/11

    yup, that's correct. I had a 12/6 blend date, which is also my "In Production" date on the tracker. Some options, like roof rails or paint protecton film, require a trip to the mod shop after the blend, and I think they add those before the status updates to "Built". My tracker updated to...
  14. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    Congrats! Have you checked out the price protection flowchart thread? https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/ultimate-2023my-price-protection-flowchart.58270/ Based on a Jan 2022 order date, you should have a private offer and a nice chunk of retail price protection (assuming you didn’t make...
  15. Bronco Build Week 12/11

    The window sticker link in the tracker doesn't work. My order moved to "built" last night and it still is saying that the sticker is not available when clicking the "view window sticker" button. Try this instead- (plug in your VIN after =). That link worked for me and my window sticker was...
  16. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    $66,995.00 on my sticker. I've got $8,080 of private offer $ and retail price protection based on the flowchart and my original Feb 2022 order date. My signed DORA from 2/12/2022 is for $57,630, so assuming they honor all the private offers and price protection it's pretty close to my original...
  17. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    Not yet, but a few hundred lines of modules populated and I have a tear tag, which I think means it’s built. I guess we’ll see what tomorrow brings…