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  1. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    I washed it and filed a claim on my windshield, it'll get replaced next week.
  2. What genius at Ford?

    I have a buyers adjustable hitch, works great on the Bronco.
  3. What do you pay for insurance ?

    35, married, Clean driving record and 5 vehicles on the policy in Alaska. Full coverage with low deductible $250 for collision/comp and $50 deductible windshield. I'm paying $132/month for the Bronco.
  4. Finally finished my Grabber Blue Bronco custom repaint! 😁

    I love it, can't wait to see it all back together.
  5. Junk in coolant reservor

    I have the same thing, going to the dealer on the 29th about it.
  6. Auto Start / Stop - how to permanently disable?

    I put an eliminator in over a year ago and I feel it was one of the best modifications I've done.
  7. Considering buying new 2024 Bronco, thoughts on quality issues and problems?

    I daily drive my 2021 2.7 Sasquatch 4dr that I've had two and a half years. I absolutely love it! Couple small issues, nothing that would taint my experience. I still feel it's one of the most fun vehicles you can drive.
  8. Bronco vs. Grenadier vs. the world

    It's neat, I think it's cool and glad it's on the market. With that said, a 1999 Ford Ranger 😍 turns my crank A LOT more than this thing ever will. Probably says more about me, than the Grenadier 😂
  9. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    The snow is finally melting so it was time to pull the studded snow tires off. Slapped the factory Goodyears on for the 3rd season. Rolled 15,555.5 miles while making sure all the TPMS sensors would wake up after 6 months sleeping. Another month or two I can think about top off weather 😂
  10. Update: Supercharged V8 5.0 Coyote Engine Swap into Ford Bronco by No Traction Faction

    I would prefer a 7.3 godzilla swap myself. *drooling at the thought*
  11. Best non-SAS Outer Banks Tires for Summer Alaska, wet roads?

    I have Toyo AT3's on my F150 for summer and I'm very happy with them. Falken Wildpeaks would be another great option. Cooper AT3's would be another. I've ran all of these in Anchorage and wet traction is important. I had a set of Nitto Terra grapplers that might as well had been racing slicks...
  12. First official photo - what’s yours?

    First photo I took was right after handing the check over and signing.
  13. Is This Rear Wiper Noise Normal?

    I use mine a lot, it's pretty much silent, but with the radio and heater on maybe it has more sound than I think. I use rear wipers on all my other suvs a lot also, none are "loud" any more so than front wipers.
  14. Brighter color choices?

    I wanted a real orange, or even burnt orange. Cyber was yellow to me, so I went with my second choice Velocity Blue. I placed my order 2/2/21 so the only other option was Race Red. I have 2 white trucks, 3 gold cars, 2 red and 1 gray SUV's a and I wanted the Bronco to be bright and fun, for the...
  15. What do you have wired into your auxiliary switches?

    6 - a pillar lights 5 - backlight for a-pillar lights 4 - rear facing red fog lights 3 - rear facing white spot/flood combo lights 2 - front/rear amber/white strobe lights 1 - unused
  16. Has anyone had to replace their brake pads yet?

    Daily driver, in town. Drive it like you stole it!
  17. Has anyone had to replace their brake pads yet?

    I'll check mine again when I swap my summer wheels/tires on next month. I have a knack for killing brake pads and tires in 25k or so on everything from my Excursion, F150 to Chrysler 300c. It will be interesting to see what they look like at 15.5k miles 😂
  18. Proof Heritage Quarter Panels & Fender Flares Do Fit Other Trims (w/ Part Numbers #)

    God I love this, highly debating doing it since I paid the Bronco off last month.
  19. Body color matching fender flares for Wildtrak question.

    I bought a set of painted flares I bought from another member on here for my Sasquatch Bronco. I actually only run them in the summer but super quick to swap.
  20. Are rear mud flaps "necessary"? Show me some pics too!

    I only ran front flaps for the first year, I ended up adding rears to "even out" the look and keep the rear bumper clean.