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  1. 12 Day MOAB Visit: Canyonlands Trifecta Backcountry Trip

    Haha - Milts is awesome. Hope you guys had a great lunch/dinner there! I also spent the weekend in Moab - what a fun place!
  2. Introducing an All-New Bronco Experience -- Drive Your Own Bronco at Off-Roadeo Outpost Trail Drive Events

    While this might be a hard pass for many of us - it's a great way for some people to learn how to use their Bronco, and not one provided by the Off-Roadeo. $600 for new timers to have expert guided instructions, and learning how to use the tools provided to them might actually be a great deal...
  3. TheKim

    Utah Bronco Owners Unite!

    @Landoom Oh nice! Hope you have a great trip - stay safe and have fun!
  4. TheKim

    Utah Bronco Owners Unite!

    @Alex Sector 5 Mile Pass has got TONS of easy stuff, plenty of moderate, and if you want it, some pretty gnarly trails that I'd recommend a buggy instead of a Bronco 🤣 If you ever want to go check out my favorite trail up to the mines, it's about an hour up, and an hour back down. I'd say it's...
  5. TheKim

    Utah Bronco Owners Unite!

    Okay, what days work best for everyone to go off-road? Where do y'all like to go? Does anyone actually still go off-road or am I the only one still? 😔
  6. what are the plastic things for beside hood

    Aye - going out today and love them.
  7. Hope this wasn't a Bronco owner

    This shit pisses me off: "this was an unmarked piece of junk in the middle of nowhere". Like, that means it's cool to just destroy things? Get that crap out of here. Leave no trace means leaving no trace you were ever there.
  8. TheKim

    Utah Bronco Owners Unite!

    Rattlesnake at 5 mile this weekend? Anyone? Bueller?
  9. Bronco Power-Up 23-PU0605-STBR-DSC Software Update

    I'm downloading this update tonight I guess. I will be going off-road this weekend and will report if anything is different Update: More searching on Google I found this: So this update is pretty much nothing for those of us with working sway bar disconnects.
  10. TheKim

    Badlands Club

    Eruption Green is such a great color. Love it.
  11. New Driver Alert Warning Rest Suggested - drink coffee icon

    For those actually wanting an answer, your lane keep system is on, and you're drifting from your lane too often in a specific amount of time. Put the phone down and stay in your lane. If you're in a place where the lanes are shifting and the lines don't matter, turn lane keep off until you're in...
  12. TheKim

    Utah Bronco Owners Unite!

    @ChrisD Enjoy your nap, hope Honolulu was amazing!! I'm likely going to end up out there around noon, gotta get some errands done. 👍
  13. TheKim

    Utah Bronco Owners Unite!

    Anyone want to go out to 5 mile pass for a mental health therapy drive with me? Heading out to take a break for a couple hours and enjoy the quiet nature. I'll probably leave Saratoga springs at 10 unless someone else says they want to come a bit later. I'm going to be at the rattlesnake Air...
  14. Whats your favorite GOAT mode to wheel in?

    Mud and Ruts is my absolute favorite. It keeps pretty much everything normal, with a bit softer steering, and my cameras available. It lets me go between 4H and 4L, rear lockers on or off, sway bar on or off, and mostly do whatever I want. It's where I do a huge majority of my offroading. I'll...
  15. bronco trail app

    Interesting - I just copied them from an article I found, but I used the Google Play one to redownload it just now and it worked, but it does look like it's removed from the Play Store when you search. I wonder if they removed it for new users. 🤔
  16. bronco trail app

    Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ford.broncotrailapp Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bronco-trail-app/id1672087586 I just logged in and loaded it up, looks like mine still works. I didn't go connect it to my Bronco, but it's "worked" recently. Went to save the...
  17. Can ForScan add AutoHold to my Base?

    but then I feel like I'm posing as a manual, and we wouldn't want to get caught doing something like that :ROFLMAO:
  18. Production photos?

  19. Share your Bronco Photo 42024

    Not that I'm aware of, but if it is, that's pretty awesome! If you find any information about that, please let me know - I couldn't find anything, but I didn't look for more than a minute.
  20. Special Gifts for Our Super Owners!

    The one is exhaust. It is the one. 🖖😶