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  1. FordPass App v5.0 Launched

    Is zone lighting working? Some F150 folks were saying the new app removed the ability to activate zone lighting. Think some other losses were mentioned as well.
  2. Rear Diff skid by Next Venture Motorsport, Just look @ it will you just look @ it.

    I painted mine. Had some leftover paint in a similar color to my Bronco. Bare steel will get ugly fast.
  3. Kuat Transfer - How do you remove rack from hitch?

    Lol that's not a spring loaded pin. It's a security bolt.
  4. Stable of Horses

    Here are mine from last summer
  5. Test drove 2024 Bronco Raptor today

    Yea, as much as I still think the Raptors have some exceedingly ugly design...quirks...I'd consider one if it was still close to it's original price too. At almost $20k over the base price of an F150 Raptor the Braptor is massively overpriced and there's simply no justifying it. Especially since...
  6. Brakes not holding on downward slope...

    Agree completely. Really stupid decision by Ford. Parking brakes shouldve stayed mechanical. Electric parking brakes should honestly be illegal without any ability to modulate. Electric trailer brakes can do it, no reason our parking brakes shouldn't. I'm not one of those "new tech bad because...
  7. Auto Start / Stop - how to permanently disable?

    A) It's not annoying, it's barely even noticeable B) It is, in fact, necessary for today's emission/economy standards. Manufacturers wouldn't spend the money to implement it if they didn't need to C) There are numerous ways to disable it which have been beat to absolute death on this forum and...
  8. Uneven Front Hardtop Panels

    Normal. Welcome to ford quality
  9. Cell signal booster or GMRS radios

    Signal boosters only work if you're in an area with signal.... And GMRS only works in a group.
  10. What is Ford's answer to the new Jeep Pink Color?

    Jeep has always done a great job with colors. Pink isn't my style but that's objectively not a terrible color. Bikini, High Velocity, Snazzberry, Hydro, Nacho, Hellayella, Punkn, Mojito....The list goes on. Ford will never compete.
  11. What is Ford's answer to the new Jeep Pink Color?

    There isn't one, Ford hates color.
  12. Side Camera Blank Spot?

    It's also not lined up right...sounds silly but have you made sure your mirror is seated in the right spot and not angled a little forward or back?
  13. Is it needed to lock the Bronco when you walk away?

    You have a setting wrong... you can change it to unlock all doors if you open the drivers or passenger door.
  14. Does spare tire have TPMS sensor?

    Just to follow up on this, you can get a tool for Ford TPMS on Amazon for less than $30. I've had one for years and it works great. https://a.co/d/eixY2mQ
  15. Wind noise from DV8 Dual Light Pod Drop Mounts

    Same here. I get a pretty annoying whistle at some speeds. It's bad enough I've been thinking about taking them off and going back to the single light.
  16. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    I'm on a new phone so the only one I have is in it's current state 😅😅 edit - I just realized that upside down flag is not a good look I promise I just put it there because a wind storm damaged my house bracket
  17. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Turns out you can in fact fit 8 GT350 wheels/tires in a Bronco. #team4door
  18. Metalcloak's Ultimate 4x4 and Off Road Glossary of Terms & Definitions

    I'm glad at least one other person on this forum knows this.