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  1. Kuat Transfer - How do you remove rack from hitch?

    I have the Kuat Transfer rack. There is a 8mm bolt that you tighten so the rack stays stable in the hitch. I was wondering how quickly I can dissemble the rack for when I go off-road. So far it seems easy to remove the Kuat Pivot swing. But can’t figure out why the pin inside the Allen head bolt...
  2. Moab May 10-11

    Anyone want to hit Moab next week? I plan on making the pilgrimage Thursday May 9th down to Moab and hiting trails May 10-11. Poison Spider, Golden Spike and Fins and Things on list. Maybe something else who knows. My brother bailed on going last minute so going down Solo.
  3. Any Tips for Removing rear Seatbelts 2 door?

    Howdy, I did a seat delete on my 2 door. Now I would like to remove the seat belts so they aren’t flapping around. Any tips would be appreciated. Didn’t want to go in without a plan. I was thinking about tucking them into the plastic enclosure by roll bar. Thanks
  4. Rock Hard 4x4 Sliders installed pics 🍔

    Just got my Rock Hard Sliders in. Box was almost 100lbs! The USA made sliders connect with 4 bolts to the pinch weld holes, 2 beefy brackets to the tub, and 2 huge brackets to body bolts. Their sliders are well proven in the Jeep world for being body mounted. So Im sure they will work great and...
  5. Love Affair With 1973 Ford Bronco

    https://cowboystatedaily.com/2023/12/16/wyoming-man-puts-50-000-miles-a-year-touring-the-us-in-his-sweet-1973-bronco/ Neat story. Not mine unfortunately.
  6. Ford Performance Tune - Tire Size Change

    Howdy, I have the stock Sasquatch tires on my Bronco and the tires have cracks, gouges, and nobs ripped off from just one season of offroad. Don’t think they will last one more season. Well anyways, if I replace them with 35x12.5X17 tires do I need to update my Ford Performance tune? I can’t...
  7. UPR Plug Removal?

    I drained my oil on my Bronco with the stock plug and oil went everywhere off course. Replaced with the UPR easy drain plug. Plug went in and locked on the plastic tabs on oil pan just like the stock. However I wanted to see how it comes out. Was afraid to crank on it hard and damage the plastic...
  8. Bronco - Motor Oil Compilation List that meets Ford Spec WSS-M2C961-A1

    Updated with @CarbonSteel's great 5W-30 compilation list: Here are all of the 0W-30 and 5W-30 commonly available oils there are on the market that I could find that are "comparable to Motorcraft". Last I checked, Phillips 66 made Motorcraft oil. NOTE - many of these oils have statements like...
  9. Something Else

    Too much Bronco going on here. Let’s change it up. 😂 Saw my first 2024 Mustang in grabber blue today. Screen is huge and love the lines. Azure Grey Tremor Super Duty next to it.
  10. 33 inch Sasquatch Tires - Ponzi Scheme

    I got duped by Ford. 😂
  11. Rock Hard Skids Installed - 2 door

    Finally got my Rock Hard Belly pan Skids installed. Also added RCI rear diff cover, front control arm skids, and AC fab rear shock skids. I would have gone all Rock Hard skids but they don’t have the other skids available yet. The quality of the welds, powder coating, and bolts used is top notch...
  12. Pulling a stuck Jeep out with my Bronco

    Got a chance to pull a Jeep out this weekend. Enjoy.
  13. Wildtrak Fox Shocks Purchase?

    Anyone reach out to their local Ford dealer and see if the Wildtrak Fox Shocks can be purchased? Or is ford not selling them directly? The Ford Fox shocks look a bit different than what Fox offers in the 2.5. Thinking about adding them to my Badlands.
  14. 4 Low and Ford Performance Tune?

    Howdy, I have the Ford Performance Tune scheduled August 21 on my 2.7 Sasquatch 2 door. I’m mainly concerned about smoother shifting in 4 low on the trail. The added torque will be a plus too. 3rd to 2 second is especially lurchy going down hill in 4 low and hopefully it takes care of that...
  15. Fox 3.0 shocks for Bronco

    https://www.ridefox.com/product.php?m=truck&t=shocks&partnumber=883-06-205&make=Ford&model=Bronco&year=2021&position=Rear https://www.ridefox.com/product.php?m=truck&t=shocks&partnumber=883-06-204&make=Ford&model=Bronco&year=2021&position=Front
  16. Ac Fab Skids - Torque for Bolts?

    Howdy, For the people that installed the ac fab rear shock skids. What did you torque the 14mm bolts too? I cranked them to 40 foot pounds. That enough?
  17. Ford Performance bead lock ring - Real World review?

    Howdy, Just seeing if anyone has actually bought and have miles on their ford performance beadlock and can offer any feedback. Any issues with air leaks? How low can you go versus without beadlock. Anything not working, ect. Worth the hassle or money?
  18. Sasquatch- Suspension dive when braking

    Howdy, I’ve notice my stock Bilstiens in the front dive quite a bit when braking not very hard on the pavement and off-road. It’s not terrible, but noticeable. In one instance while on the trail going down a steep rocky hill I had to apply my brakes and ended up hitting my bash plate on rocks...
  19. Recovery boards - Tips and Tricks

    https://usactiontrax.com/pages/tips-tricks From our friends at Actiontrax. 🇺🇸