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  1. Thoughts on rock lights?

    why is there no light where you stand getting in and out of the Bronco? Why is all the light directly under the Bronco - whats the function? Road-kill inspection?
  2. Thoughts on rock lights?

    do you have a thread explaing the process and parts list? does it auto on / off & dim with the key fob lock / unlock?
  3. Thoughts on rock lights?

    wait, why are we lighting up our tires? "night filming"? - wha?? I think I stumbled on some Bronco subculture... I thought Rock Lights were for lighting, rocks, and the ground, so you dont step in mud and have a nicer time getting in and out of the Bronco. Why are people lighting up their tire...

    I could use: 1) black lug nuts 2) upgraded spare tire carrier - Wass that?! 3) smoked Ford oval badge
  5. Dual Battery Concept

    Climb under ur Bronco and check it out !! Essentially above the rear axle and behind the fuel tank I personally would want to bury the batteries as much as possible and leave accessable storage for things I use and touch more often
  6. Dual Battery Concept

    You could build a box for this secret spot. Its potentially much bigger - yes theres some things you would need to overcome but the capacity with stock battery units could be greater
  7. Coming Soon - IAG Tailgate Air Compressor Kit

    Yea, I think they could be placed to never hit a rock. I dont do any major "rock crawling" anyway I would rather have 4 tiny hoses than one big hose to deal with. Theres some nice hose reels out there but then that becomes a "feature" I just like things as integrated as possible. This is pretty...
  8. Coming Soon - IAG Tailgate Air Compressor Kit

    I wish there was an air compressor kit that has an outlet next to each wheel, and the plumbing under the Bronco all worked out. So you hook up all 4 wheels at the same time with little 2' hoses. Nice this has a remote capable expansion tank.
  9. Ford Performance Rear Differential Cover Installed Impressions

    perfect thank you!! So if replacing the dif oil in a stock bronco, thats been driven for 25,000 miles, just fill it to the bottom hole. Any idea how much oil that is? Why would they include the top hole - the chances of this going on a brand new rear axle are like, none
  10. Ford Performance Rear Differential Cover Installed Impressions

    Great idea to do this, can you please provide part numbers for the cover and oil Sorry I cant read the stamp on the inside of the cover Where did you end up buying it? Your dealer where? TY!!
  11. Ford Performance Rear Differential Cover Installed Impressions

    Can you please add some information to the difference between these 2? Never had oil? Fill to top plug. Had oil? Fill to the bottom plug.
  12. Interesting Ford Products

    From G70 - to.... Ranger Raptor?? o...k...
  13. What color shackles on a Cactus Grey?

    I was thinking of giving Zinc a try since it seems indestructable - Metalcloak uses that finish on many of their bumper fasteners the gold does fade over time - could be a cool look I guess the gold in there helps the zinc be more durable and last longer https://metalcloak.com/ford-bronco-6g.html
  14. Hooke Road Door and Hardtop Storage Cart

    its triangulation you could just get some metal shelf brackets or a metal gate kit like this and use the triangles - but you want them on all sides
  15. Hooke Road Door and Hardtop Storage Cart

    Might want to add some gussets to those legs
  16. Hooke Road Door and Hardtop Storage Cart

    This could be MUCH smaller for the Bronco. The company is lazy, and selling the Jeep version - that accomidates the framed windows Passing that off as a Bronco specific solution. Its not Way too much wasted space
  17. New look!

    You could easily fit another lightbar on there...
  18. Fog Light Recommendation?

    dont forget about good 'Ol KC! https://www.kchilites.com/vehicle/ford/bronco.html?utm_source=google&utm_term=&utm_medium=&utm_campaign=PMX.Lighting&utm_content=&audience=&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwiYOxBhC5ARIsAIvdH52nmCnpNr-apnwivuG3ty2Vzr2dEbpdAztG-Lxe6ee-NCPhj4PMUP4aAnzyEALw_wcB
  19. Why does the swing gate swing to the right?

    I wish someone would make a Conversion Kit to have a fold down gate