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  1. Sasquatch Tire conundrum

    Ever since watching your videos on this tire it has been my #1 choice to replace the territories this summer. When you say they are a bit slippery in the rain, can you expand on that a bit. I am in the same area of the country as you, up a state in the cascade foothills where moss grows well...
  2. Wrong fender! Are you kidding me?

    looks like that big time new union contract did wonders for quality control. 😂🤣
  3. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Can the soft top be retracted all the way back with the attic? Looks like it might tilt down to clear it? I really like the idea but have only seen them in a hard top. When I put on my soft top I would want to be able to retract it all the way back.
  4. Updated FordPass and Zone Lighting control

    Got hoodwinked into updating the app. Ford took a page out of Microsoft’s book on this one. Make it pretty, make it harder to find things you used to use in an old version so you will stop looking and they can remove those in an update. and dumb down useful features for no reason like fuel...
  5. Soft Top Issues Resolved for '24?

    I bought my partner a set of the Mabett rain gutters for her ‘22 Black Diamond softie and they work really well. Even with the fix Ford did, rain still drips from the edge of the top. The Mabett (other brands make them too) gutters work great and we tested them in a torrential downpour in the...
  6. Soft Top Issues Resolved for '24?

    Yeah, those rain gutters he mentions were on the softop of my late year MY23.
  7. What do you pay for insurance ?

    Country financial is taking me for $200 a month for the Bronco with $1k deductible. Reading through this post it’s time to start shopping around pronto!
  8. Soft Top Issues Resolved for '24?

    I ordered dual tops on my MY24. I do not see rain gutters on the soft top. It looks identical to the soft top on my Job 2 MY23 that this replaced. If by rain gutters you mean fords version…the piping that @Razorback mentioned above that runs the length of the top a couple inches in from the...
  9. Will a TopLift Pro fit in the back of 4dr bronco?

    I have a line on a used toplift pro that’s assembled already. I saw a video from TopLift Pro where they remove the top half of the lift from the bottom section then stick both pieces in the 4dr wrangler. They roll the bottom in on the wheels and the 2 upright posts sit pretty high but I think...
  10. What are you hoping for MY25?

    Power effing seats. It’s not 1994 anymore Ford. Stop with stupid engineering tricks…flat tow process….rear hatch in soft top to name a couple.
  11. Heavy Rain Warning Messages

    So for a fleeting moment….you were rolling like Alex Honnold, living life without a rope. nannyless driving isn’t so bad right?
  12. MPG! Not complaining.

    I’m ok with what I’m getting. 4dr sas 2.3/auto Big Bend. I’ve only got 1600 miles on it but no freeway, all city and hilly roads of cascade mountain foothills. Dash says 20 mpg, hand calculated average is 20.1 mpg. Should do a bit better once I throw some freeway miles in there. I stay entirely...
  13. North Carolina Like new Wicked Relics slider basket

    never fails, everything I am looking for pops up on the other side of the country!! :facepalm:
  14. Pulling Telematics Modem Fuse 20 under dash

    what you bring up here is exactly why I worry about this stuff. It’s not that I have anything at all to hide but rather it is the lure of big money for companies like Ford for selling personal data and the governments love of overreach is seriously concerning to me. folks can balk and laugh at...
  15. Cloth Heated Seats - What Years and Models?

    I got my cloth foam from someone here. They removed their cloth covers and slid the foam and seat cover off the seat back still attached to each other. I did find the foam on ford parts so I could check prices.
  16. Cloth Heated Seats - What Years and Models?

    Funny since cloth was an upgrade from cheap vinyl for a ton of years till the auto industry realized nobody wanted it and offered just cloth and leather.
  17. Cloth Heated Seats - What Years and Models?

    my ’23 Big Bend was a job 2 truck so came with MGV instead of cloth. :mad: I ordered that model strictly for cloth too. Anyway, I bought a set of OEM cloth take off seat covers from a big bend off ebay. You are right that the seat foam is different between MGV and cloth. I have read that the...
  18. $400 with Promo ⚠ Mabett Slideout Cargo Shelf ⚠

    I have the diabolical slipstream for when I put the soft top on. My worry is the Mabett tailgate pullout won’t fit with it installed.
  19. $400 with Promo ⚠ Mabett Slideout Cargo Shelf ⚠

    Is this item actually for sale? I’m interested but don’t see it’s actually available.
  20. Pulling Telematics Modem Fuse 20 under dash

    Interesting thread. I’m watching. My bronco sits in a metal building and I can’t remote start it and it tells me it has no GPS signal when I go down to start it. Ford pass can’t find it either if I get in before it refreshes my location. So it must be offline in there. Could this be as easy as...