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  1. Power-Up 6.1.0

    Yesterday my truck had it OTA to 6.1.0. There is no description as to what this update changes or adds. Ford's description is pathetic (see below). Anyone know what the changes are? Additionally, I had to remove/add my phone to CarPlay - the update messed it up.
  2. Oracle's laser/fog lights

    Has anyone tried these lights? Any feedback appreciated (pros/cons, pics, etc.). Thanks. https://www.oraclelights.com/products/oracle-lighting-2021-2024-ford-bronco-off-road-laser-led-fog-light-kit-for-steel-bumper
  3. More window issues discovered

    I think I found a new glitch that appears to be software related that impacts the windows. I have a '23 2-door WT. When I open the door, the window drops accordingly and goes back up when I shut the door - no problems. But if I open the door, start the vehicle, and then shut the door, it...
  4. Speed Compensated Volume...does it work for you?

    I've tried disabling and enabling every option (low/med/high) on the Speed Compensated Control, but it does not work. Does this work for anyone else? If so, does it display the volume going up/down or do you just hear it increasing/decreasing? I'm getting tired of constantly turning the...
  5. Drink of choice

    What is your go to drink? Select all that apply. 🍺🍸🍷
  6. OEM cross rail part #

    I did a quick search - both here and on Ford Accessories - looking for the cross bar for the OEM roof rack. I want to add an extra cross bar. Does anyone know the part # or have a link for it? Thanks in advance!
  7. Brown dots in Sync Nav

    Recently, I'm seeing brown dots on the nav map. Any thoughts on what they are?
  8. Possible oil temperature software bug

    Some background. Recently changed my oil using Pennzoil Ultra Platinum synthetic in my 2023 WT. I often travel a 200-mile loop - straight run at 75ish MPH. With the previous oil, Motorcraft synthetic blend, the temp would range from 201-209 (give or take). With Pennzoil, i see an approx. 5...
  9. Oil level phenomenon

    Changed oil today: new oil filter and plug. Warmed up for 5 minutes, shut and let sit for 10-15 min, drained oil and got almost 6 quarts out. While draining oil I had cap off and changed the filter. Draining stopped (almost 6 quarts), buttoned everything up, added exactly 6 quarts, primed...
  10. Canadian Smoke Signals!

    Anyone else coughing up a smoke ball with the blast of smoke from Canada over the east coast?
  11. Warm/Hot to the touch

    I noticed over the last week that the dashboard directly to the left of the differential lock and hazard switches gets very warm...and only in that spot. Anyone know what is below the dash there? Anyone feel the hot(warm)spot? Thanks.
  12. Stubby (shorter) antenna

    I searched the forum to see what people are using for a good stubby (or shorter) antenna, but don't see preferred vendors. Those of you who switched, what brand are you using? Additionally, is it worse/better/equiv. than the OEM? The OEM is too tall and hitting the garage and every low...
  13. ‘23 Wildtrak is ridiculously tall!

    I have a beach house and decided to take my ‘23 Wiltrak down today and park it in the garage…heck, my ‘18 f150 Raptor fit with some room to spare. Well, I was wrong. The roof rack pushes the height over the edge. In fact, I’m not sure if it’ll fit with the roof rack off, but will try again in...
  14. Dealership service denied

    I purchased my month old 2023 Wildtrak about 30 miles from my home and the dealer has a sister dealership closer to my home. I made an appointment at the closer dealership to have my HVAC issues addressed (under warranty) and have to wait until end of April for a loaner - yes, a month since I...
  15. Anyone use GOAT Fabrication Door Hangers?

    Anyone use these? I have a 2-door, and a set of tube doors, I want to use this with. https://goatfabrication.com/products/goat-bronco-door-hangers