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  1. Lakeland Ford Preview

    Thanks for sharing. These might be the last photos in the sunshine and with the top down for the Orlando area. With the stalled front over the next couple of days, we are looking at some much needed rain. I hope for those that are scheduled to attend the upcoming events that accommodations...
  2. Are there no more Bronco dealer events happening?

    I think some have become jaded. And others have been discouraged to share their first sightings as they feel others have already seen the same Broncos. Even if the photos are redundant, the impressions and observations are still important IMO.
  3. What are we going to be talking about in 2023 on this forum?

    I'll be keeping an eye on the Everglades Edition. Otherwise, I'll be flexing on the rock jetty at Vilano and executing random TTAs. Trolling Jeep owners at Jeep Beach. Flexing on the concrete curb at the gym. Loading up the dive gear for cave diving and trips to the Keys.
  4. Anyone else considering getting into a Bronco Sport? Since we have a long wait....

    If people are being honest with themselves, the Sport Badlands is all the off-roader that most will ever use.
  5. New Improved Brush Guard / Bull Bar Design and Location on Race Red Bronco Badlands!

    Not to state the obvious, but it taint bad. 🕵️‍♂️
  6. Granger Ford - Amanda from Granger

    @[email protected] What is going on, here? Is Amanda supplanting Albert? Why is Albert's account now branded with Amanda? Welcome, Amanda to B6G. Go ahead and create a new account. It doesn't cost anything. I'll see you next year along with Steve, Albert, and Zach.
  7. BB v OBX Build and Price - what am I missing

    You have your MSRP's flipped. And depending on your wants/needs, you have access to higher packages where the BB only allows for Mid. If you don't value the Sig lights ($795 on BB) and the steps ($? on the BB), then stick with the BB. While the OBX styling might not appeal to some, the body...
  8. Is this...???

    Little high, little low, Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter to Me, to me
  9. When does anyone expect MY22 paint colors to be released?

    It really should* be a simple task of displaying MY21 MSRP pricing for reservations 3/19/21 and earlier. Anyone with a later reservation date or not logged in would be displayed MY22 MSRP pricing. *It should be but we have seen the B/P Rockstars inability to calculate GVWR based on selected...
  10. Rapid Red OBX and Velocity Blue Big Bend at Ford of Kendall

    Just noticed that no one answered your question and I was searching through the Photos sub-forum for the Florida Broncos for another group. The puddle lights are part of the High package where the mirrors have the side spotlights (alley lights).
  11. Has anyone seen a 2dr at these events?

    Not asking for her weight or specifics, but rather leg room, seat position, B-pillar in relation to seat position. Shoulder touching B-pillar?, etc.
  12. Big Bend National Park

    850 acres have burnt in the South Rim area of Big Bend. Big Bend NP on Fire
  13. Birmingham Al auto show 2 Door.

    Same one that was in Orlando back in December.
  14. Has anyone seen a 2dr at these events?

    Who was riding in the front passenger seat? And what was their size and experience?
  15. Off Roadeo Registration opens up April 27th

    The news of the VT location being scrubbed predated the date on this letter/announcement which indicates 4 locations. So there might still be a 4th location in the works? I hope so and it isn't just an error in the announcement.
  16. More 2021 Bronco Accessories Revealed

    Yes. The HP boost is measured at 4500 rpm and the torque boost at 2500 rpm.
  17. What aftermarket wheels for 2021+ Bronco do you want?

    With a Velocity Blue 2-dr OBX, I'm leaning towards Fuel Hardline wheels with candy blue accents.
  18. Anyone else considering getting into a Bronco Sport? Since we have a long wait....

    The one thing about the engine bay in the Sport is there is a ton of room. The 1.5L is terrible. It is fine to get around town. But from what I understand the 2.0L and 2.3L occupy the same footprint. Seeing the room that is available, the 2.7L could even be squeezed in. But even with the...
  19. Anyone else considering getting into a Bronco Sport? Since we have a long wait....

    My long term watch on the Sport is if the SportHog ever comes to fruition. Levine was tweet trolling the SportHog during the Rebelle Rally last year. Another member here said they spied a test rig in AZ last year and when shown the render, he indicated that it looked like it. If they put the...