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  1. Bronco meet and greet at Battlefield Mall, Springfield MO.

    I'll be there. Signed up as soon as the site allowed. Looks like it'll probably be two red, 4-door, non-Squatch Badlands that are in KC now.
  2. Bronco event at Kauffman stadium in KCMO

    I assume these will be the same two that head to my date in Springfield. A little disappointed to see that it's two of the same model and almost the same color.
  3. Vermont Off-Rodeo May Be Coming to Suicide Six Ski Area [Update: Nixed by Local Residents]

    For another perspective: The roads they're worried about are maintained solely by the residents that need them. No road crews or tax dollars. Just neighbors with a grader (maybe) and a load of gravel bought out of pocket. A bunch of Broncos heading down one of these after a good rain would...
  4. Canadian Base Mansqatch anyone?

    Yep. Dropped my day 1 res to get BMS on an October Granger res.
  5. 100 Ford Dealers Will Build Dedicated Bronco Showrooms

    I'm not a huge fan of dealerships raising their overhead with a big flashy Harley-style (*shudder*) store. Though I'm also not a fan of the current dealership model of storing hundreds of vehicles on-site. Give me a small store-front with a representative amount of sample vehicles and a loading...
  6. Video: 64 MPH on the highway, and a Bronco helps stuck Bronco @ Moab

    Geometry disagrees. The 2D breakover would make that crest much easier, the 4D high-centered thanks to the longer wheelbase.
  7. Should sports teams influence color choice?

    I don't see the point in basing big decisions on the uniform colors for a group of people that don't even know you exist. But then, I'm a Packers fan, and their colors look terrible on everything, anyway.
  8. Dealership Wall of Shame and Fame

    A week ago, I'd be all about this type of list. Then there was the thread about the unconsented order where the customer was clearly the problem, not the dealership. There are so many ways that salesmen have earned the stealership moniker to deserve shame. Yet, there are also lazy, entitled...
  9. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Safari Concepts

    YES! This is how you do an interesting interior. Rather than the goofy digi-camo stuff in the WT.
  10. 42% order conversion rate (nationally) with 10 days to go

    That was my first thought. How much of this is due to the prevalence of shady dealerships converting everything to pad their numbers?
  11. Downsizing from 35" stock sasquatch tires to 33'' later?

    You can swap out tires easier than axles.
  12. Downsizing from 35" stock sasquatch tires to 33'' later?

    Counterpoint: The Base Sasquatch, especially with Manual, is a value and platform combination we probably won't see again. If there's even a chance you might want to use lockers down the line, the Base Squatch makes perfect sense. You'd be hard pressed to get that capability for near that cost...
  13. How many would be interested in a Bronco half cab pickup?

    I'd rather just have seats that actually fold flat with resilient finish on the back (read: not carpet). Then I can use it as a truck when I want to, like my dear departed K5. *edit: And a tailgate instead of swing-out. Unfortunately, we don't live in that ideal timeline.
  14. 📷 Factory: Velocity Blue Black Diamond on steel wheels + MIC tops + Navy / Gray Cloth Seats

    That blue interior might look ok in a contrasting color (White, Black, Red). But the mismatched blue on blue is not a good look IMO.
  15. How can the 2-door be a limiting factor for MY21?

    Long term planning. The initial orders will be heavier on 2-doors thanks to enthusiasts. After that, the 4-door will far outpace it in demand. I'm guessing they just did not invest in the tooling to make as many 2-doors.
  16. Do Dealers Lie about where you are in line?

    The truth is somewhere in between. They know their current estimations, but have no idea how those numbers will end up in two months when order banks close. As usual, Granger is the standard: "We don't know your exact "number" in our reservation line. We're going to do our best to tell you...
  17. Do Dealers Lie about where you are in line?

    I mean, if the question is "do dealers lie?" about any subject the answer is yes. But if you got in on an FE, you're likely good for '21,even with late availability.