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  1. What are we going to be talking about in 2023 on this forum?

    As much as this forum has been a godsend for information, photos and cool peeps, I most likely won’t come around after I take ownership of my rig.... I’m not a social media- forum kind of guy.... so I will be most likely out getting dirty with my muddy bronco...
  2. Can we just talk about these new pics if the Mic Top?

    I dig it but I’ve always been a MIC fan. I think it gives the bronco a more rugged ulitarian look I’m going for..
  3. Iowans - time to check in and be counted!

    I get asked this all the time. Lol Two weeks before the dog sled race starts there is a race called the Iditarod trail invitational- basically I’m my own dog, it’s a foot race across Alaska that follows the same dog sled race to Nome, 1000 miles on foot pulling my own sled.... Hence why I’m...
  4. Iowans - time to check in and be counted!

    Man you are lucky Alaska... oh how I love you! I spend 6 weeks in Alaska every year on the Iditarod trail!
  5. New Improved Brush Guard / Bull Bar Design and Location on Race Red Bronco Badlands!

    I love all the replies that they hate the new design.... well WTF did people think a brush guard is.... Ya the bronco emblem across the grille is cool but if u want the stupid guard it will cover that up... Get over it...
  6. Ford's communication around this is unbelievably bad

    I really think including myself need to take a long break from the forum and forget about all things bronco for awhile.... Its becoming quite mind numbing..
  7. April 16...Are we refreshing inbox today?

    Just anticipating the 4 million threads that say “ I got my VIN”..... Good grief....
  8. Those of us who are email-less so far...stay calm.

    Little Buffalo trace whiskey with a Cuban...
  9. April Commodity Constraints For 2021 Bronco Production

    So my WT 2 door will most likely Never get built in my lifetime...😎 I think it’s time to move on and forget about the bronco for awhile... Ford and it’s constant run of bad news... Buzzkill...
  10. They need to have Cyber Orange in 2022 to Make things Right ------------------------

    I agree. I’d hate to lose my color choice - cactus grey- just because I got pushed back to 2022...
  11. Didn't Get Your "Scheduled" Email? Special Savings on Bronco Gear for You

    How about the hoodies? They run small?
  12. Iconic Silver Outer Banks Sasquatch 4-Door @ Atlanta Show w/ Navy Pier Rear Seat Folded

    Ya I was wondering the same thing... Another pre-production gaff?
  13. Granger Ford converted my 2021 reservation into a 2022 order without contacting me. This happen to anyone else?

    Did u actually try calling granger-instead of email tag! Actually talking to someone is the highest form of communication and most effective...
  14. Wildtrak makes no sense at all.

    Yep I agree all these people whining about this model shouldn’t exist or this model doesn’t make sense and they haven’t even driven one yet or most of us haven’t even sat In one... pound sand and quit whining...
  15. Got e-mail from Ford This Morning - Ford Messing with Me

    I got one from hot Asian Not sure what that’s about..
  16. Carbonized errrrr Leadfoot!

    Really cool! Don’t worry about the haters man, lead foot is an awesome color.. Some people are still stuck on the ole metallic paints of 60-70s....
  17. Cargo Capacity, Cupholders and Other Tidbits (With Tape Measure & Props). Photos from Kansas

    Awesome pics.... so did you just bring all this schtuff with you to check cargo space?” “Maam I’m just trying to see if the gun case will fit in the back of the bronco! No the moving box isn’t full of clothes, I’m not moving in!
  18. More 2021 Bronco Accessories Revealed

    Oh boy more stuff for the budget....