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  1. [Anonymous Poll] For those with a priority order, what trim are you ordering?

    I'm not a betting man but I would say you DEFINATELY went OBX, Lux, Antimatter Blue
  2. OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY: Phase 1 Mass Production of the 2021 Bronco! [Updated With Units Produced To-Date]

    I would enjoy that but I will only be able to be there Saturday. Hopefully it will all turn around sooner rather than later for everyone's sake
  3. OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY: Phase 1 Mass Production of the 2021 Bronco! [Updated With Units Produced To-Date]

    100% most people don't even know how bad the metal shortage is or is going to be.. I got a front row seat and don't care to be in it.
  4. Ford those Buying for Granger. What is your plans after pick up. Tell us your itinerary.

    We are coming from Bama lol we still haven't came up with a plan on the way back yet
  5. Increased towing.?

    Off topic but has anyone got to see Space White in person? I really hope they add that as a color for 22' also I finally got to see Cactus Grey and god it is gonna be real hard picking between it and Area 51..
  6. Granger Ford - Sean Masters

    Nah bruh Thornbirds or bust.
  7. Granger Ford - Sean Masters

    I can't really answer as to what they are actually doing with the ones holding out for 22 models, also I don't know whether it's better to process your order now or wait. I did mine just because most of the stuff I want probably wont change with 22 aside maybe a color change.
  8. Granger Ford - Sean Masters

    Yea he probably is putting the 22's to the side and getting all the 21's squared away lol I know they are swamped over there.
  9. Increased towing.?

    I'm on this road as well, I could care less if it tows more. It's gonna be a family vehicle first, and it may occasionally tow the side by side places. In the same breath though I can see the frustration with it towing so little and I do think Ford can do better and my comment was not a jab at...
  10. Increased towing.?

    I dislike towing when people don't know what the hell they are doing..
  11. Granger Ford - Sean Masters

    I believe so, and I'm not worried just glad to be on the list! I know they will get it done
  12. Granger Ford - Sean Masters

    Got my email from Sean a couple days ago, but haven't got my order confirmation yet but I did push it back to 22' so Idk how they are doing that. I'm a 10/30 res so we are rolling right along!
  13. Increased towing.?

    This horse just won't die..
  14. Forester the better buy???

    O I bleed blue for sure! I can't wait for the new one and to finally get my 93 to the house and get it rolling again
  15. Forester the better buy???

    I don't like broad terms.
  16. Forester the better buy???

    I have one car, a truck and broncos.. does that make me a car guy, a truck guy, bronco guy, or a guy guy??
  17. Forester the better buy???

    Well damn you just missed the Unofficial Welcome Thread, it was a gas.. But welcome to the forum just watch out for Greg. Edit: I meant Old Gregg.. watch out for old greg.
  18. Forester the better buy???

    @Drunken Wisdom (END) New account who dis?