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  1. zrizik99

    Bronco Build & Price date

    Bronco prospects waiting for B&P 😂😂😂
  2. zrizik99

    Will dealers be trained and ready when the price and build drops?

    When I called my local dealer the reps were not well versed in knowledge. However, the sales manager was, but he was also purchasing his own. I would try to work with your sales manager, but this forum is more updated than even the Bronco sponsored forum. So ask the community if it's vehicle...
  3. zrizik99

    LLOD: 2021 BRONCO - Hands-On Impressions and Interior Details at Super Celebration!

    Oh sweet. I haven't seen on the forum yet, but I'm sure I'm late to the party. I was happy see he had plenty of room upfront.
  4. zrizik99

    What are you cross-shopping the Bronco against?

    2021 Jeep Rubicon or 2021 F150
  5. zrizik99

    Ford’s Global Program Manager talks Bronco hard top

    Is that the standard hard top or modular? Hopefully it's the standard.
  6. zrizik99

    How’s vinyl wrap price, quality, longevity, downsides?

    I'm not sure. If you are taking it off road, I'd assume it's going to peel instead of scratch. Which may turn into larger gashes. Matte black or grey is my dream color. Would love for that option.
  7. zrizik99

    ICYMI: 2 Door Bronco Big Bend and Black Diamond Sighting in White and Black

    What size tires are on the BD? Comes stock with 32s but they look bigger. Especially next to the F150's tires. The stance of the BD gets me excited. Thanks for sharing.
  8. zrizik99

    4-Door Too Small?

    Well if you are passionate about will make it work. :) Dont let the debbie downers get you down. Long distance a mini van or a larger SUV. Also consider getting the roof rack for more storage. Put the doggo in the back. Luggage on the top. Should be good to go. I've been...
  9. zrizik99

    4-Door Too Small?

    I am not sure why folks are surprised. Its VERY comparable to a Wrangler...maybe a tad larger by a few inches on 4 door. Off road vehicles can not be large as they would get stuck on tight trails. Probably not an ideal large family vehicle for long trips, but should be fine for around town...
  10. zrizik99

    CACTUS GRAY THREAD!!!! if you’re choosing cactus gray lemme know. I think it’s the best color available at the moment.

    There has been plenty of cactus gray real life shots of the Bronco that are more colorful. More green in opinion. I think it's becoming my new favorite. It's very unique.
  11. zrizik99

    Virginia Check In! / Which Dealer?

    That makes sense. I signed up with the Mustang Club for a few years to be eligible for x-plan. Wish ford would just launch B&P to give buyers a better idea of final cost.
  12. zrizik99

    Virginia Check In! / Which Dealer?

    Any insight into how we should expecting pricing? x-plan is follows a specific formula per my understanding. I've never used it before. (Dealer Invoice - (.04%*Invoice)+$275 fee = X plan price ..... is this correct?
  13. zrizik99

    Virginia Check In! / Which Dealer?

    Thanks for confirming. I must of misunderstood what he said then. But it makes sense. I'll update my previous post to avoid sharing false info.
  14. zrizik99

    Sasquatch 2-Door and 4-Door sighted in Michigan

    Is this the standard hard top or modular? The back panel seems large.
  15. zrizik99

    2021 Bronco Build & Price pre-launch waiting room

    My guess is they launch it after the public event next weekend. Plenty of free marketing to keep consumers busy. Then pow....B&P live. 🤯🤯🤯
  16. zrizik99

    Virginia Check In! / Which Dealer?

    Honestly, it's a common theme I'm seeing. 3% off MSRP is roughly $1250-1500 in MD, $1000 off invoice is roughly $1500 off MSRP in WV, and etc. So maybe dealers can trim $1250-$1500 off their final prices? Not sure. Doesn't x-plan include dealer invoice price? That's the whole reason - no haggle...
  17. zrizik99

    Virginia Check In! / Which Dealer?

    Just sharing what I was told. Take it for what it's worth I guess. 🤷‍♂️ Maybe I misheard or he's talking about a different destination fee that cost $1495. We'll see I guess.
  18. zrizik99

    Virginia Check In! / Which Dealer?

    Spoke to the sales manager John, but the sales man I'm working with Andres. Probably use John as my go to given his role and knowledge. He's ordering his own as well he said.
  19. zrizik99

    Virginia Check In! / Which Dealer?

    Spoke to the sales manager at purvis today. They're selling at MSRP. No ADM. Allowing x-plan pricing. NOT charging destination fees on their vehicles. Which is $1495 off. I'm going to stick with them as it is pretty much the same final cost as others with their "discounts". Update: Destination...
  20. zrizik99

    $1000 Below Invoice + $300 X-Plan

    To confirm this is $1k off dealer invoice?