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  1. Wanted33

    Does the 2.7L Ecoboost require premium gas?

    Mike, in normal day to day operation I would say no. I've tried it before in an F-150, and the only difference I felt was in my bill fold. :)
  2. Wanted33

    Wife humor.

    Mine too brother. I even give mine credit as over the years she has became quite the "gearhead" in her on right. Usually when I mention a new vehicle she just ask if she can pick the color. Of course I say yes. That's a small price to pay in my mind, and she usually makes a great choice, i.e...
  3. Wanted33

    Who feels Ford should scrap all these packages and just let us order what we want?

    It used to be that way back in the day. But, in an effort to streamline production, and of course increase profits manufacturers went to option packages. I don't blame them, and see the need. And, in some instances we can actually save money when ordering a package. Now with that said I would...
  4. Wanted33

    Engine cool down prior to shut down?

    Probably not. There's no cool down procedure for any other of Fords Eco Boost engines, and the Bronco turbo shouldn't be any different. These aren't our Grand Paw's turbo diesel Mack truck.
  5. Wanted33

    Performing engine break in period during long delivery roadtrip?

    Robert, it's not as technical as the book makes it seem. I drove our new Vette home from Maryland during the break in miles, and all I did was vary the rpms by approx. 500 every 30 minutes or so. That's worked on every new car I've bought in the past. Enjoy your journey home, and don't worry...
  6. Wanted33

    Bronco time will come, but right now it's Ranger time.

    As I've said the situation seems to always be fluid around my house. I had thought I would sell my project '92 Toyota Pick-Up, and get the Bronco when they came available. But, that thought took a big turn last Saturday. I was contacted by a young man that made me an offer on the little truck I...
  7. Wanted33

    "Jelly Bean" significance?

    Hank, I think what Brad is saying is there will be no dancing girls. I know, I know, I'm pretty bummed about that too. :)
  8. Wanted33

    Packages and Driving Nannies

    All of those nannies can be turned off by going into settings on the SYNC system. I do like the forward sensing system. Not for me, but for that idiot that's not paying attention, and could pull directly in front of me. I consider my reflexes as being fast, but the forward sensing is damn fast...
  9. Wanted33

    Granger Ford - Out of state customers

    You certainly can do that, and many do. And, you're correct the cost will be more depending on the time, and miles.
  10. Wanted33

    Granger Ford - Out of state customers

    During break in it's more about rpm's than it is speed. We picked our Corvette up in Maryland, and drove back to North Carolina. Approx. every 50 miles I would adjust the speed around 5 mph (up or down) the 435 miles back home. I did that on our previous '16, and it worked great. And, it worked...
  11. Wanted33

    Granger Ford - Out of state customers

    I bought an ESP from Flood. EZPZ to work with, and some dang great prices.
  12. Wanted33

    Granger Ford - Out of state customers

    @Granger Ford , Well, I feel so sorry for the other dealers. I wonder if they've ever thought about trying to make a deal that would draw customers to their business like you guys have done? Probably not, crying, complaining, and whining is much easier. Stick to your guns Albert, and make them...
  13. Wanted33

    Granger type pricing in Oregon?

    With dealers in my area surely looking at mark-ups it may be financially feasible to fly, or drive to Iowa to do business with Granger. It would make for a great road trip home, and as an added plus many of us will have the break in miles done with by them. It's a bit over 1000 miles from my...
  14. Wanted33

    Granger type pricing in Oregon?

    Yes, you pay the tax rate of, and to the state you live. Some dealers have you pay the taxes on your own. Some have you pay the tax to them, and they submit it to the state when they send the papers to the DMV in your state. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. :)
  15. Wanted33

    Will manual Bronco have auto start stop?

    As long as it can be disabled I'm fine. The ESS in my Jeep is just OK, and if it's used it's because I forgot to hit the button when I started the engine. If I can find the right size rock I'll take care of that.
  16. Wanted33

    Let's Be Honest About Our Intended Use

    I wholly expect I'll use the Bronco like I use my Jeep. Mostly on the hwy, and some light off roading. I don't have enough experience to do any real off roading, but with enough of the light stuff my get up to the moderate level. However, I don't have any problem driving right into the Starbucks...
  17. Wanted33

    Who wants to test drive a bronco before making their final decision

    You never know. At least one would have an idea of how they handle, and ride. :)
  18. Wanted33

    Base Model Bronco Thread 🐎

    I've heard of the Cali tax from friends on the Corvette forum. I've also heard of how some of the dealers nit pick every bit of money out of you they can. Hopefully the Ford dealers there don't act like the Chevy dealers. Here in North Carolina we pay 3% of the purchase price. Tag, and title is...
  19. Wanted33

    Who wants to test drive a bronco before making their final decision

    This guy right here. I find it hard to spend my hard owned money on something I can't see, and touch in person. I want a manual, but I also want to know where the clutch engages, if it shifts smoothly, and if the shift gates are easy to find. I've had a manual that was not good in any of those...
  20. Wanted33

    Messin’ With Sasquatch (Ford)

    Jeff, or is it Alan.......I know secret agents keep their true nom de plumes a secret. Luv it, just luv it.(y) I guessing you probably make Mike smile from time to time. I'm sure his job can be quite stressful at times. Putting up with a bunch of knucklehead's like us can't be easy.:)