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  1. MJJ

    Anyone taught their wife to drive a Manual Trans?

    My wife grew up on a farm in Iowa. She could drive a manual well before she had a license.
  2. MJJ

    Ford Just Briefed Dealers on Bronco Allocations, Ordering Dates, Build Date Estimates

    This can’t be accurate. I haven’t read the fine print on our reservation confirmation but I view that as a contract with a term for convenience that can only be initiated by the customer not Ford.
  3. MJJ

    All Bronco Colors Painted Bodies Close Up Walkthrough

    Iconic Silver is my choice. Reminds me Porsche’s GT Silver or the Cadillac’s from the mid 50’s. Unlike others I actually like pairing Iconic Silver with the white top.
  4. MJJ

    What is your bright line on savings for you to switch purchase from local to far away (Granger, Stephens, etc.) several 100's of miles.

    Trust, Ethical Business Practices, Shared passion, strong communicator = Granger. That far outweighs any real savings.
  5. MJJ

    Cactus Gray Launch Bronco 4-Door at Another Employee Event

    How do we know this combo will not be available? I thought we were still waiting for the B&P to confirm. Has there been an official announcement from Ford that clearly says this option won’t be available?
  6. MJJ

    Status Symbol Complex

    While I find personal stories interesting, I really don’t care what others choose. I have always had a great deal of respect for the person who saves, works extra jobs just to fulfill a dream of being able to afford a Bronco. I remember a time when that was me. I will admit I probably...
  7. MJJ

    Will the aftermarket fill in the "heritage" market if Ford doesn't?

    If there is enough demand, the aftermarket will produce it. Simple economics.
  8. MJJ

    BRONCO: Can it be a sound investment?

    Look at what happens to wrangler resale. Typically I don’t consider anything that loses value to be an investment. That being said you are getting value from it that exceeds a number on a portfolio print out. to truly be an investment it would need to be a highly desired collectible usually...
  9. MJJ

    Nikola ($NKLA ticker) scam. Anyone else following this?

    True, more evidence needed but there was a mention that the founder stepped down as chairman today and removed himself from the board all together. This caused the stock to drop another 20% in early morning trading. it may be the right move to remove conflict of interest concerns but it sounds...
  10. MJJ

    Confirmed: Manual + Sasquatch Bronco, October Build & Price!

    I am pleased for those owners who wanted it. The 2.7 ranks higher in importance than a manual so this announcement doesn’t change anything for me or buyers like me.
  11. MJJ

    Bronco or Raptor?

    The biggest difference comes down to size, towing and the ability to remove the top. My garage is not big enough to hold the raptor. Living in the north, I don’t want to leave it outside in the elements all winter. That alone steers me towards the Bronco. I already have vehicles that can tow...
  12. MJJ

    Why are car colors so boring? [Video Essay]

    They build what sells for the average joe, not for the enthusiast. Exceptions are small produced cars like a Lambo where their owners beg for that kind of attention. I think they should have a broader mix that aligns with the Traditionalist throwback owner, open air life style or rugged...
  13. MJJ

    Bronco Reservations Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    I am still not sure how to decipher my place in the line. What is the lowest starting number? I assume whatever the difference is between that number and my number is the my position? Granted some reservations ahead of me will not be filled. I can make some educated guesses and then based on...
  14. MJJ

    My in-person first impressions with Granger Ford & Ford Ranger 2.3L

    Funny, us Iowans might say the same about New York! Everyplace has its pros and cons
  15. MJJ

    Why buy a Badlands or Wildtrack if the Raptor Warthog is coming out

    Cause I dont want to wait any longer. When it comes, I will trade it in if I like the Warthog version.
  16. MJJ

    ↻ What Will Your Bronco Be Up To In Ten Years? ↻

    Hopefully in 10yrs I will be retired and it will transport me to all 50 states, national parks, fishing holes, dog races and geezer concerts that are still happening. With my dog riding shotgun. If room allows I might even make room for my wife (just kidding). It will not be used as a mobile hot...
  17. MJJ

    90% sure I'll be trading this in for a 3rd-4th year run.

    I am 50+. I am going to but the best possible Bronco I can configure to my liking today. If in 2 to 3 years, a more appealing version comes out that I want, then I will trade and get that version. My finances are secure and this is disposable fun money. If I was 30 and just starting a family and...
  18. MJJ

    Will they make a flush light bar for over the windshield????

    Thanks for the response. I can see if you went off roading at night. I just didn’t know many people did that.
  19. MJJ

    Will they make a flush light bar for over the windshield????

    I don’t plan to go raccoon hunting or rock crawling when it is dark. What is really the need for one of these light bars? I can understand some people want the look.