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  1. Base Bronco, Sasquatch, 4 door, 2.7 -- 1 year, 20,000 mile update / review

    One year follow up! I’ve owned my 2021 Base Sasquatch 4 door with a 2.7 for 1 year, to the day, and just rolled 20k miles on Monday. Bought it from Laura Ford in Sullivan, MO. Road tripped to Colorado, Moved to Florida (towed an overloaded enclosed trailer 1,100 miles from MO to FL), driven...
  2. Payload and actual real world weight (scale weighed) of Bronco Base, 4 door, Sasquatch, 2.7

    I know there is some controversy about how much payload some of these Broncos have…or don’t have. 4 door, base, Sasquatch, soft top, 2.7. It had just under a full tank, WITHOUT me in it. Steer axle weight: 2,720 Drive axle weight: 2,120 Gross: 4,840 GVWR: 6,100lbs Actual payload: 1,260lbs
  3. SSM 50324: Mirror Whistle Fix from Ford = redesigned mirror cap

    Just released today… SSM 50324 - 2021 Bronco - Whistle Noise Coming From The Drivers Side Mirror Area - Built OnOr Before 23-Jun-2021 Some 2021 Bronco vehicles built on or before 23-Jun-2021 may exhibit a whistle noise from the driver side mirror while driving. This may be due to an...
  4. Real World 4 door, 2.3, A10, BB

    15.2 @ 90. I look forward to see what a 4.70 geared Sasquatch on 35’s does. A tuned 2.3 with a good trans tune is going to be a ripper! I still think a 2.7 is the correct choice for me since I do plan to run bigger tires eventually.
  5. Any Jeep guys that are familiar with Metalcloak Suspension switching to a Bronco....?

    This is a company that mostly caters to to Jeeps. I sent them an email this morning asking if they are going to produce any Bronco products.... This is awesome news. In my opinion, they are one of the best in the industry on the Jeeps. I really hope the come through with Bronco suspension...