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  1. Change Driveline Fluids Early!

    There will always be wear, the thought is removing the metal particles so they do not exponentially increase the wear. And, yes when the gears wear in (polish) the amount of metal particle production is greatly reduced. If you always get metal paste, I would say your not changing your fluid...
  2. Trans pan w/drain by Dorman

    Got the $50 pan. Have to say I'm very pleased, no less quality than the original and the drain plug is very suitable, as the bronze/alloy is molded into the pan and the drain plug is metal with machine threads. I would say the only reason why the factory does not do this is cost savings...
  3. PSI tire pressure on 35's?

    32 psi here. 25k miles so far and wear is normal. I run very light weight.
  4. Change Driveline Fluids Early!

    100% agree I generally keep changing my fluid every oil change till the magnets comes up clean, then just check the magnet every oil change. With E-locking axles the actuators will collect the particles and wear prematurely or stop working, causing more headaches. Noticed on my superduty...
  5. Trans pan w/drain by Dorman

    Hmmm, never tried that method. I'll try when I swap pans weekend after next.
  6. Trans pan w/drain by Dorman

    100% sure it is identical to the OEM but w/drain plug. They use generic descriptions on rock auto. My order is being shipped now, when it shows up I'll post a pic and opinion on drain design.
  7. Trans pan w/drain by Dorman

    That is because they have OEM packaging. Ford/Chevy/ect. do not make 100% of the parts they use, no where near.
  8. Trans pan w/drain by Dorman

    You just said OEM is garbage.
  9. Trans pan w/drain by Dorman

    I was looking for a pan with a drain, as I'm a believer in fluid refresh every 30K or so. There is a lot of high dollar cast aluminum pans out there, all ~$300-$400, found a OEM style pan with a drain for $50, link below. For those that may not know Dorman is an OEM supplier, they made the...
  10. Bronco vs. Grenadier vs. the world

    ^^^^^^ Humans going to human.
  11. Bronco vs. Grenadier vs. the world

    The green does it good, don't it. Not in a position to buy one at this time, but if the market falls out of them, I'll pick one up in 5-10 years. I believe they have. Watched a very long english promo video of the making of it, had some tech facts in it mixed with the sales propaganda...
  12. Bronco vs. Grenadier vs. the world

    Below is the definitive op-ed for the state-of-the-art in 2024 for overlanding capable personal transportation. No further discussion will be necessary, and all youtube reviewers can move onto compact sedans from here onward. Since the richest man in England made the announcement in 2017 he...
  13. Granger Has Received Bronco Raptor Allocations- 2% Under Invoice!!

    Straining to see how your dealership could have 'taken a hit' from merely not collecting tax on an out-of-state purchase. You do not owe taxes, the purchaser does. Must have something to do with Iowa titling a new car before you can sell it. THIS caused me to take a "hit"; my state treated...
  14. Water heater recommendations

    Some standard suggestions, however your use does not seem standard. https://www.centerpointenergy.com/en-us/HSP/Pages/water-heating-sizing-guide.aspx?sa=mn&au=res Seems the statement before your question answers it. Also, sounds like you don't like long showers.
  15. Include the spare in tire rotation?

    I'm sorry sir, that is in correct. All 5 have sensors and the bronco has a smart system, so no need to 're-learn' tire location. It does it all on its own.
  16. Are the stock squatch tires really that bad?

    Try $216.... https://www.giga-tires.com/tires/315-70-17?filtering=goodyear+wrangler+territory,relevance
  17. Anyone financing? What rates are you getting?

    I've got a bridge I need to sell 'ya.
  18. TPMS Learning Procedure?

    Oh let me add to the confusion.... The reason for the confusion is that there is not just one answer, or even one path, to get a TPMS to recognize a signal from the sensor(s). There is a difference between programming a sensor and a "relearn" of a receiving system. If you buy an aftermarket...
  19. Why Doesn't Ford use 35" KO2s on Sasquatch instead of Goodyears?

    Nope, not at all. 95% of all these type SUVs see mall and soccer field service only. When it comes to these type vehicle offerings, a manufactuer uses the least 'hardcore' option they can and still call it for off road use because they know the actual use the product will see. And, of course...