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  1. Arizona FS: Spare Tire Relocation and Brake Light Extension

    Ended up not needing them. Used for test fit only. Rough Country spare tire relocation bracket with 3rd brake light extension bracket. Pick up only. $70. Phoenix.
  2. Spare Tire Carrier Rubber Bump Stop

    I stumbled across a good cheap find to help with the gap created by aftermarket wheels for the spare tire rubber bump stops.
  3. GoodYear Territory MT $186 at Discount

    $186? Am I seeing this correctly? Seems to good to be true.
  4. OEM Windows Tint % From Factory ?

    For the 4-door owners that do not have tint on their windows. Are your front and rear passengers windows the same factory tint? Is the rear any darker than the front? I had mine tinted a year ago and asked for 20% all around. And my backseat windows are much darker than everything else. It's...

    3 DOOR KIT: #M-19008-BTD2 FORD PERFORMANCE KIT 5 DOOR KIT: #M-19008-BTD4 FORD PERFORMANCE KIT Enhance the open-air experience with these high-strength, 2" steel Tube Door Kits from Ford Performance. Attractive and rugged black powder coat finish Helps provide...
  6. Lift Kits for BL - Where they at?

    Do any 2" lift kits exist for BL non sas Bronco's? I sware I've searched high and low and everything is only made for everything but the BL.
  7. Will it fit? Spare Tire Carrier

    What is the maximum size, offset and weight the spare tire carrier can hold withing getting the upgraded brace? I'm running the stock 33" BL wheels and am looking at getting a 17x9 +0 offset wheels with possibly 35's.
  8. Bronco 2.7L Ecoboost Oil Analysis - Let's See em Boyz!

    Haven't seen any yet. I usually have mine done at the first 5k miles but since mine was sitting on dirt mountain for months on end; I opted to have it done early. I plan on doing 7500 mile or 1 yr changes at this point. I used to always use M1 full syn. But I think I'll be doing Pennzoil...
  9. Badlands Wheel Weight

    Anyone have wheel weights for the stock BL wheel?
  10. 2.7L Oil Change Question

    I changed the oil the other day and today was the first time I drive it since. It was a short trip like 7 miles. I noticed a oil leak on the asphalt. Looked underneath and it was coming from the oil plug. It was clipped or clicked in place like it should so it wasn't going anywhere. But there...
  11. Where are the roof rails?

    I know there has been some problems on getting the Ford OE roof rails as an accessory, for one reason or another. But has there been any more news on this besides ordering the individual parts individually? I like to start taking my kayak places but with no solution at this time it kinda sucks.
  12. Arizona Sold: OEM Rock Rails 4-Door

    Basically new stock rock rails from a 4-door. Haven't seen any off road use. $150 pickup only. Phoenix, AZ
  13. Ford Molded Plastic Mud Flaps Poor Fitment

    Anyone get the rear OEM plastic molded mud flaps? The rears aren't lining up with the bumper body lines and want to see if anyone else has come across this issue? I also bought the fronts and they line up perfect.
  14. Disabling Auto Headlights

    Has anyone figured out how to disable the auto headlights so you can control the headlights manually. I can't stand that they come on automatically when you first turn the car on.
  15. Are roof panel storage bags included?

    Picked up my Bronco yestarday but there were no storage bags for the top two freedom panels. I thought they were included; according to the B&P. Sames goes with the sound deadning roof liner. My MIC didn't have any. Is this another oppsy on Ford?
  16. Can anyone here track once on rail?

    Anyone have access to Ford's tracking system that can pin point my Bronco? 1FMEE5DP7MLA72938
  17. Arizona WTB: SAS Fender Flares

    Looking for a set of 4 SAS fender flares for the 4 door. Or 2 door if they are the same.
  18. So what are the Ford Pass Rewards?

    Other than the 20,000 rewards points for early preorders. Is the only other points they gave for the modular painted tops?
  19. I haven't checked the track in how many days?

    Now that all us MIC order holder know where we stand and the wait that's happening. There isn't a need to check the Ford tracker on a daily basic now. Anyone else not worried about checking it anymore or anytime soon? Or are you still check it daily? I've been 2 days for me and I don't feel...