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  1. 360 camera, possible to turn on without being in reverse?

    Was thinking that the nearby outside view would also be useful parking nose in, too. Dealer said no.
  2. Urban Sasquatch daily driver sanity check!

    Any anecdotes or comments to share. I have a handle on a 4 door, Manual trans, but not committed yet. Urban environment, Mixed 45mph surface streets and 65mph+ freeways Yes, I've driven 3 pedals since I first learned in the late 70's, rowing the box is my happy place.
  3. Does MOD top (Heritage trims) have the rain problem, too?

    I read a few threads on the MIC and soft tops sloughing off rainwater into opened doorways, enough so that Ford added a ridge to recent soft tops to help. Does the MOD top also need an addon gutter? I live in the Southwest where it doesn't rain a lot, and we worry about melting like the Wicked...
  4. Any additional anti-theft necessary?

    As I read the data sheet on my (now pending hardtop) bronco, my mind started wandering. Are the built-in security measures good enough, or are there other small measures to take to discourage theft. Beyond it being a stick shift :giggle: that is...