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  1. dmtndan

    Central TX Bronco Club

    Well since it got merged to the Carbonized Grey paint thread.... if y’all want to check out the BroncoSport Badlands one has been spotted at Red McCombs Ford in San Antonio
  2. dmtndan

    Carbonized Gray Paint Thread

    Maybe us Texas folks are next for the Bronco 2 and 4 door to showcase! 🙏 Carbonized Gray Bronco Sport photo taken by a friend a day or so ago at Red McCombs Edit: interesting place to merge, but cool I guess lol
  3. dmtndan

    B6G members-made logos, badges, stickers thread - submit your work here

    Why no One think to make a Sasquatch riding a horse? make a sticker/metal decal package to make this cowboy squatch so it goes over the Bronco Emblem on the back.
  4. dmtndan

    Smoking (BBQ etc) thread. Not grilling 😎

    Porque was a good pig, why? Because!
  5. dmtndan

    Giveaway Round 2: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Stickers!

    photoshopped my own bumper because they didn’t have on i liked
  6. dmtndan

    What are you cross-shopping the Bronco against?

    Want a 2.7l black Diamond..... cross shop with Ranger FX4, Colorado Z71/Canyon AT4, Tacoma TRD Sport/Off-road... I have always been a truck guy, but there has always been a love for Bronco... and 2 other SUVs that I loved. Mother had a AWD Traverse which was a blast for road trips... and...
  7. dmtndan

    The Definitive Winch Thread

    You can put a hitch mount bracket on the front/back and have a winch put on that way. Assume it will have something if the sorts already to be towed.
  8. dmtndan

    Pre-Preproduction tester 4 Door Bronco Interior and Underhood Pics

    I actually like the ridged Molle “grate??” Instead of them bein elastic or straps because it won’t be sagging in a few years, also if I recall anywhere you see the screws can be accessorized... so I’m thinking that’s an add on.
  9. dmtndan

    Painted 2021 Bronco Body Frames Captured! Mystery / New Color Spotted

    Tan would be the color for me unless they end up putting magma red on the bronco...
  10. dmtndan

    What are you trading in to get your new Bronco?

    The Malibu will be up for sale, will probably only get $5k for it by the time I can find a certified-used BD Bronco on the lot with the additions I want....
  11. dmtndan

    Let’s talk front license plate

    Something like this? Problem solved?
  12. dmtndan

    The Dog Thread

    Update: Copper met Ivan. The Boxer pup my ladies parents just got for breeding.
  13. dmtndan

    Build Thread (37"!? With sliders!?)

    Alas, it has become a build thread!
  14. dmtndan

    Where have you been to?

    I have spent a night in every state except Hawaii, and Rhode Island (Is was just easy to drive through).... England, France, Belgium, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Spain.
  15. dmtndan

    Did anyone noticed that the Dodge Ram TRX is running the new Goodyear Territory tire also?

    And the guy in the reveal stated it was “specially designed for TRX”, lol that’s funny.
  16. dmtndan

    CA Fire Information

    you see in a “natural state“ is the defining factor. One could argue that it is natural for us to clean it up, one could argue it is natural for it to be not cleaned, but everyone can agree that the dummy who left their campfire with an ember still is the one to blame.
  17. dmtndan

    Front Trail Camera in action on Ford Bronco Sport 8" screen

    I thought that was the complete purpose of the entire Ranch Hand Bumper lineup?
  18. dmtndan

    New Black Diamond Rendering

    I still think that an option to have the top “slide up” and make a little bed would be fantastic. Aftermarket? Hello anyone?
  19. dmtndan

    Raw Footage of 2021 Ford Bronco Sasquatch & Non-Sasquatch on Hells Gate

    This is more than what I’ll probably do. Glad to see it work so well.
  20. dmtndan

    Badge for Vets, Currently Serving?

    I’ll probably get a set of wings and place them on the doors. Them maybe an airframe window decal. Also didn’t like any of the grille guards on the interactive garage... had to find one that would actually guard the grille and edit it on myself lol. A little stinger isn’t going to help at all...