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    Thanks, weren't you the first on here to get their HE? I know you were the first AGM HE! If you don't need the space 2 door is the way but truly there's not allot of room if you have to tote around passengers. Picked up a friend at the airport the other day and with three of us in the truck I...

    Everything went pretty smooth at the end with Granger, only hiccup I had was a big one to me, they "lost" my wire transfer for a couple of days and found it in another account even though I used all the numbers they sent!
  3. AWE exhaust pricing

    Try Lethal Performance, they typically have pretty good sales. I have the Corsa exhaust on my 2.3 and the sale they were running at the time was too good to hold off any longer. @lethaljake
  4. Aftermarket grill that won't scratch as easy?

    There isn't a metal replacement out there that I've ever seen. You have a WT going off your profile so that's already painted shadow black, it's not molded piano black like some vehicles where it scratches if you look at it wrong. You've gotten some good advice, rhino line or PPF it for extra...

    Looks good, what are your weekend plans???
  6. You know you’re a B6G old-timer when….

    I use mine for display ...
  7. Are my new tires good enough for Moab, bro-sephs?

    Don't forget new flares!
  8. June Giveaway by Suma Performance

    I'd be good with the glass cleaner and microfiber towels.

    I had it for both front back 2 and 4 door, are those part numbers for 4 door? Had a hard time verifying those but will add these to the wiki. Thanks!
  10. Torn between 2023 Braptor or 2024 Heritage 2.3

    Sounds like you already have a Raptor in the household so what do you think of that package? If something like that speaks to you then go test drive the Bronco version for validation. I have the 2.3 manual, so I may be partial but some of our HEs took awhile to get and were hung up somewhere...
  11. What should I get before I finish her?

    How about the Steeda clutch spring, it's supposed to help pedal feel.
  12. Mods to Increase Fuel Economy ?

    I think Ford offers a body kit that helps ...
  13. It’s a jeep thing🤢😂😂

    @nesuahgirmoh loves it so something good came from it! 😜 I really don't have issue with whatever you do with your ride whether it's my style or not with my only exception being the Carolina Squat ... which is now illegal in both Carolinas but there's still a Toyobro running around town that...
  14. From 'Stang to Bronco?

    Does he want a Bronco or do you want him to have a Bronco? I didn't come from a Mustang but my background is small sporty imports and there's a world of difference between them and my Bronco! Definitely two different tools but does he plan on joining you off-road or just looking for something...
  15. It’s a jeep thing🤢😂😂

    Who said it was only a Jeep thing ... It's their money and evidently there's a honey riding shotgun that doesn't seem to mind either.
  16. 2-door tonneau cover?

    Nothing yet that I've seen, the one with straps is four door only. There's been a few home built ones that have been posted if you're handy.
  17. Aftermarket grill that won't scratch as easy?

    Piano black is the worst, don't know who ever came up with that idea for a vehicle. Mine's white painted and is fine, just use a non scratch mitt with a good soap like you would for any painted surface.
  18. Trade 2023 Heritage for 2024 Robins Egg Blue Heritage Limited?

    Cough, cough ... Azure Gray ... Cough 😉