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  1. Bronco 2.3L sudden death on way home from work! ***UPDATE***

    Congratulations on confirming the root cause. Should be back on the road soon! (y)
  2. Bronco 2.3L sudden death on way home from work! ***UPDATE***

    @broncobase1 First, it was definitely a bad fuel pump. Ask me how I know! 😏 Second, never mall-crawl alone. That was your first mistake! 🙃😉 Third, but more seriously, go find that attractive young Asian woman and ask her out. If you don’t, you’ll never forgive yourself! 😎 And the missus...
  3. 3rd gen Starlink mobile tested in the canyon - mounted on MIC hard top! (Replacement equipped with magnetic bracket)

    Does the 12V conversion for the Gen3 work with the cigarette lighter power socket in the Bronco’s cargo bay, or does it require an additional retrofit (e.g., hot & neutral wires with ring terminals back at the 12V battery)? Also, where can I find the 12V conversion kit?
  4. Ford Performance Rear Differential Cover Installed Impressions

    And the front differential already has a drain plug, but the rear differential does not.
  5. OBX Build Completion

    Is there any mechanical interference between the front Vertex reservoirs and the upper control arms at full compression?
  6. What Do You Use Your Trail Sights For?

    I don’t think the trail sights are intended to be used like rifle sights as semi-horizontal lines of sight projecting forward from the driver’s eye and the corner of the hood to the obstacle. They are intended to be used as vertical visual references of the location of the inside of the front...
  7. What Do You Use Your Trail Sights For?

    What you are missing is the adjective… trail… in front of the noun… sight. You are attempting to use them for on-road lane-keeping at speed. That’s not their design purpose.
  8. What Do You Use Your Trail Sights For?

    The "trail sights" have a purpose (hence the name). They are not just an aesthetic design point, even though some owners choose to delete them, which is their prerogative. Speaking only for myself, on my vehicle, the forward-facing cameras under the side mirrors provide a great, visible...
  9. Aluminum OEM hood might fly away!

    @Dmorty217 is right. I posted about this last year. Here is a quick recap for you and others experiencing this problem. My hood doesn’t flutter, even with wind gusts and semis passing on the freeway, but I carefully adjusted my hood bump stops, like I do on all my vehicles. Although the hood is...
  10. Bronco doing its job on elk trip

    Congratulations on the successful hunt! 👏
  11. Ok, who did this?

    The founder, Sawyer Hemsley, definitely likes pink rides!
  12. Latest software update messed up Sync4 screen. Slow boot up times.

    FWIW, I think that is a Google Maps or Apple CarPlay issue because it happened to me multiple times in recent weeks when I was driving rental cars of other OEM brands while traveling on business and away from home. If you zoom way out on that “blank blue background”, you will see that it’s a...
  13. Ok, who did this?

    No, more like where the majority of the population lives (i.e., medium-to-large cities).
  14. First major damage for my Bronco

    Sorry to see that damage on such a beautiful vehicle. 😢 Enjoy the venison! 🤤 And the well-earned winch decoration! 😜 TBH, I am a little curious about the "6 point" comment, because the right antler in the photo in post #3 looks like it may have a brow tine which may not be not visible from...
  15. Calculating ohms law, amps and wire size

    You should probably read the rest of Eric’s post. This is his wheelhouse. Having said that, given your chosen avatar, you guys would probably get along really well IRL. ;)
  16. Muddy water fording alternator issue fix: TSB 22-2392 -- Mud Accumulation in Generator

    If you don’t have twigs in your mud, you’re doing it wrong. :cool: Besides, why just take a bath with water when you can enjoy a real mud spa?!? ;)
  17. What Do You Use Your Trail Sights For?

    I use them as trail sights for tire alignment over obstacles and for limb risers on narrow, overgrown trails.