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  1. SierraBronco's Build

    I love it when a plan comes together! Sounds like you kinda fell into that one. Outstanding! That's great news! I've been sitting here pushing it to the last minute waiting to take advantage of the holiday sale at RK. Guess I'll just pull the trigger on the Pro-X and be done with it. I'll...
  2. What is the most fun vehicle you have driven!! Bronco, Wrangler, anything else?

    I got his little brother! Unimog 419 flu 16 speeds forward. 8. Reverse air over hydraulic lockers The only hydraulic tools I have are the chainsaw and the jackhammer. I can dig a grave site anywhere in the woods real quick.
  3. SierraBronco's Build

    Gotcha 👌
  4. SierraBronco's Build

    Got another question, why did you go with the RPG UCA and not Rock Krawler? I've got the gussets coming and trying to decide on UCA's for the new spring set up (2-3")
  5. SierraBronco's Build

    I cut mine out
  6. SierraBronco's Build

    Looking good! Did you opt to keep the cross members?.
  7. Camping chair recommendations

    I have the front runner as well but also use a turkey lounger from cabelas. Really comfortable easy to sleep in, your butt rides about 2in off the ground, although it can difficult to get out of after a few tasty Adult Beverages https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/cabelas-hunting-lounger?
  8. What is the most fun vehicle you have driven!! Bronco, Wrangler, anything else?

    64 Ford falcon Sprint hypo 289 4-speed 8 3/4 Equilock possi, If you hit it right it would pull the front wheels off the ground. 71 T/A took it off the strip and put it back on the street with a ram air 3, cops used to smile and ask me to keep it under 80. But the 6G continues to amaze me.
  9. Electronic sway bar- having one shipped?

    I haven't installed it yet. I have some other parts coming and want to do a one and done before taking it out of service Even though it's not a daily driver
  10. Bronco Rap Song

    I'm thinking A Daddy Yankee reggaeton spin, "Alerta Roja it's a Bronco!"
  11. Rear Winch Installed

    I've been wanting to do the same thing. I've accumulated some exhaust parts to play with. I figure it's going to be louder than it already is I know somebody that did the four link and dumped the exhaust off in front of the rear tire.
  12. 37's which ones

    I know these aren't on your short list but the new compound Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T really impressed me rolling over rock in South Texas. I also made 16 passes through a muddy wash in my my 3/4 ton diesel, eight of those with a full load of logs and never spun the tire once. Saturday night...
  13. SierraBronco's Build

    That's cool. The pics were from The back of my overland trailer Airing down the spare is a really good idea. So simple. Don't know why I didn't think of it. Forest for the trees
  14. SierraBronco's Build

    This was my idea. Extend hitch in red, add latching pin,blue, possibly inside the bumper
  15. SierraBronco's Build

    You've pushed me a little closer to picking one of those up. I would like the ability to operate separately from the tailgate. I'm thinking a hitch pin instead of a bolt at the links and installing something like this with a simple limiter
  16. SierraBronco's Build

    That's cool you got it to work. My thoughts exactly. Where does it need some beef? I was going to keep the hammerbuilt for GP
  17. Magnetic bug screen for camping?

  18. Interesting Ford Products

    I'm seeing sand paddles
  19. Electronic sway bar- having one shipped?

    The electric sway bar showed up a couple days ago but without the sub harness. I was a little freaked out considering how hard these things are to get to begin with but @StinkBug said just try to order it. OK! Paid for it yesterday at 3:00 p.m. got the call 9:00 a.m. this morning. It's here! I...