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  1. My Stroppe Baja Bronco tribute build

    Picked up Scarlett, my Heritage manual 2 door, from getting it's wrap today. I think it came out pretty good. Now for the badging, decals, and figuring out the spare tire cover.
  2. Custom fender script badge

    Searched but couldn't find an answer. Does anyone have a place to get custom fender badges made? Looking to get my bronco's name, Scarlett, done as a fender badge is as close to the original bronco script as possible. Thanks
  3. Removing porthole / gunners hatch on 2 door modular hardtop.

    Since I have not seen this posted anywhere, I decided to make a short video on it.
  4. Finally got our Bronco!

    1205 days after placing our reservation, she finally showed up in Alabama... while we were on vacation in Maine. 🤣 Immediately returned to the motel, packed up, and started driving south. This was Wednesday afternoon, we arrived at the dealership just before 10 on Friday. Meet Scarlett!