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  1. FAKE NEWS! My VIN is Fake

    I find it hard to believe that a company, with as many rockstars as Ford, would grossly mismanage something as simple as an email.......... ...on second thought....
  2. Finally after 600 days

    Congrats! Nice Bronco.
  3. Window Washing Trick....

    It practically sells itself! I think it is also made in Germany. You know Germans make good stuff!
  4. Anyone with a 2 door regret not going 4 doors?

    Reporting this post to child protective services.
  5. Boring paint options?

    What bothers me more than the Bronco color choices is the fact that they are shared by other lines. Does the Bronco Sport and Bronco really need to share the same color palette? Create some unique lifestyle colors just for the Bronco (and Ranger if needed). Make limited run splash versions...
  6. Promo video for the new Scout: "America's Next Shot"

    All these 'manufacturing' compaines are really good at marketing where it is easy to promise the World.....but actual manufacturing? Not so much.
  7. Motor Trend: 2025 Ford Bronco Pickup - What We Know

    I would buy this vehicle.
  8. New owner

    Congrats…but we will need to see a pic to ensure you didn’t buy a Bronco Sport.
  9. 04/17/2023 Build Week

    Thats funny. My current fear is that Ford knows that 4\10 and 4\17 are 'Granger' build weeks, so they allow the QC team to take vacations, decide to break in a new team on the line and use left over Bronco parts to Spring clean before they get back to the builds that matter. I am going to...
  10. Ford Bronco: The Off-Road Adventure Begins | Ford News Europe

    I would drink Jamo with Paul Wraith. My highest compliment.
  11. Bucked / Ducked how to stop it?

    I wish we could keep all the anger and vitriol where it belongs… On Ford’s marketing, Q/C and rock star teams. And, of course, Missy.
  12. Heritage Edition Bronco in Production!

    Detailed mod top review when you get to delivery please!!
  13. Billet Aluminum Pedals?

    I am glad these guys are good at designing and creating pedals...because they absolutely suck at web design.

    The group that was scheduled last Thursday for the week of 4/10 by the 1,000s will be the largest migration of orders in Bronco schedule history! I bet B6G gets an update post on each and every last one.l
  15. New from Lolo Montana

    Pics or it’s just a reservation!!! Congrats on the Bronco. You live at the epicenter of forest ‘epicness’. I absolutely love the Bitterroots, Selkirks and Purcells. The world is full of bastards, the number increasing rapidly the further one gets from Missoula, Montana.
  16. 📬 Scheduling emails are going out now!! (3/2/23)

    Totally understood and wasn’t intending you to be the target or put words in your mouth. My comment was more a general observation from all the times this topic had been brought up over the years. However I do think it is ironic that the costs that you highlighted as major constraints to...
  17. 📬 Scheduling emails are going out now!! (3/2/23)

    It really seems to bother people that this is the path that some chose. Again and again this topic comes up with people unable to see a perspective that they don’t share and be able to comprehend that a car buying purchase is not one size fits all. The same people that can’t see themselves...
  18. Sibling News: 2024 Ranger Order Banks Open 5/26 and Production Starts 8/7. Raptor Coming to U.S.

    Same engine that is in the Braptor. What competitor do you believe is likely better?