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  1. Transmission Skid Plate with ICON sway bar relocation bracket?

    I have a LOD transmission skid plate, getting ready to install the Icon sway bar brackets but I can see there is already zero clearance, I can't lower the electronic sway bar. I'm sure with spacers on the skid I can make it work, might be my only option. For those running Icon shocks, what...
  2. Spacers (.75") on SAS Wheels for 37s?

    I read on here that a .75" spacer will work on the SAS rim. Been searching for awhile and finding mixed info, will that be enough to clear 37" Baja Boss ATs? I'm assuming I'd still need the max clearance kit. I don't want to buy new rims, I don't see the need since a spacer accomplishes the...
  3. Is there more than one double honk setting??

    Mainly notice when wheeling getting in/out, vehicle could be off or on, keys are always left in the console. Sometimes it double honks and I don't know why. Seems there's some chain of events that cause the double honk that I haven't figured out. Maybe it's a warning the keys are still in the...
  4. Lowest Profile 2.7L Winch Bumper/Mount?

    What's everyone's opinion on the lowest profile, sleekest, stealthiest, slickest winch bumper out there for the 2.7? Running the RC High Mount and Warn Evo 12s, looking to clean up the front end and not have a buck toothed or underbite looking Bronco. I've looked at EVERY option out there that...
  5. Do I NEED a freezer for overlanding?

    I have a BougeRV 42 Qt single zone fridge, it's small, works great, doesn't kill the battery overnight and didn't break the bank. We use it all the time but never for more than day trips. I'm building out trays/storage/kitchen for overlanding and need to pick a final fridge config. The dual...
  6. What's the current deal with front axles?

    I've read the RCVs are noisy/clicking, is that still an issue? Spicer, are they worth the extra $$$ (do they really exist)? Am I better off carrying OEM spares? Running Radflo extended shocks, they're about the same extended length as an OEM SAS SAS with the 1.5" level kit (~7/8" puck)...
  7. Out of Upfitter Switches, looking for a clean solution for more switches

    The title says it all, I ran out of Aux switches and want to see what others have done. I need at least 4 more switches. What have you all done for switches? This is interesting, but not exactly feeling it, I like stuff that isn't noticable/looks stock.
  8. Help needed - Ground Location G202 151-15

    Does anyone know where ground G202 151-15 is physically in the Bronco? Is there a cheat sheet/map somewhere?
  9. iPhone, Carplay, GaiaGPS = not awesome after last update

    My setup was flawless until that last iPhone update, now Gaia running on iPhone 13 Pro Max is terrible with lag, locking up, recording stopping. Also, Spotify randomly stops playing. Its as if going in/out of cell coverage is really geeking out the phone. Am I the only one?
  10. Fixed an annoying sound - a plastic label!?

    Here's a new one, I found the source of a sound that was bugging me. Its a plastic label that was clicking on the front driveline bolts.
  11. Loose LCA cam bolts after alignment

    I installed a level kit and had the front end aligned right away since I couldn't get the bolts to 210lbs, less than 90 days ago so its supposed to be covered by the shop's warranty yet they're giving me the run around and trying to charge me another $160 to realign. I had been hearing...
  12. I asked AI to generate 4x4 and Bronco art, this is what it created...

    Artificial Intelligence is super interesting to me, so when I found these new AI apps that could generate pictures based on text input I had to give it a try. This one seems to be the best app/research project - https://openai.com/dall-e-2/ Remember, all I did was type something in and the AI...
  13. Trail Turn Assist Isn't Working - not locking up wheel - Fixed!?

    I finally had some trails to use TTA, the inner wheel never locks up or drags. I thought maybe it doesn't work with doors off. Tested with doors on, no change. I read online it won't engage if the rear lockers were recently engaged, that didn't help. I have a call into local service dept...
  14. Favorite Trail Cam Pic?

    What's your favorite trail cam pic from your Bronco? I show this one to Jeepers, the Bronco way to cross bridges.
  15. My Tires Turned Blue

    I've been wheeling and mudding for years, never had my tires turn this blue. Mud pit in a trail near Naches,WA, it was thick!! Reading online, chemical reaction from the metals mud, sounds like I need to wash, scrub and treat my tires to fix, some said pressure wash but that didn't do...
  16. Winch Control Pack Relocation Kit - Evo 12k

    Trying to find a kit for my Evo12k, what is everyone using for a kit? Trying to find one for install next weekend. I've found kits for the Zeon, not the EVO. 4WP is paying tax on the Warn winches this weekend, decided to pull the trigger. Thanks!
  17. BAMF vs. DV8 Winch Bumpers

    After being talked off the cliff to buy a much less expensive winch plate/winch (I was close, everything was in the shopping cart last night), I think I've narrowed down to the DV8 MTO and the BAFM (either one). I can't tell which one has a better approach angle, they look close. Specs for the...
  18. What is the max CV angle?

    All this talk about CV angles, "maxed out", "you'll blow the CVs", SAS is already maxed, etc. I've searched, but at no point have I seen the actual max spec for the CVs, just a bunch of opinions and speculation. What is the max operating angle?
  19. Anyone else going to the PNW4WDA Trail Jamboree?

    Is anyone headed to the event near Naches, WA? We'll be there with my Bronco and a built Jeep.
  20. Aux Switches - Fixed, Aux5/6 Now Always On!

    I'm losing my mind searching for this info. Isn't here some sort of setup to control which switches are ignition switched or always on? Update: figured it out.