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  1. How to value Bronco for total loss claim?

    I disagree with the value my insurance company is placing on my Bronco. I was hit by a DUI driver and the Bronco is toast. 2021 Badlands, with 13,500 miles 2.7L auto, 4dr Lux, SAS, Hardtop, everything but leather/carpet. Race Red. I added the front bull bar (taken from my FE) and the...
  2. Auto body work on the “tub” can it be pulled out.

    Just trying to wrap my head around what it might take to fix my rear ended Bronco and is it even possible. Frame is crushed, rear cross member toast, tailgate and tire carrier shot, rear bumper destroyed, rear cargo are bowed up. The driver’s side rear frame rail is crushed 4-5 inches or so...
  3. Are frame sub parts available?

    Short story I got rear ended hard by a DUI, lots of damage, but I am curious about the frame. My rear cross member, hitch and at least the driver's rear frame rail piece are toast. It looks like there is a replaceable section of frame that is behind the axle. I am guessing that I need all of...
  4. For sale factory rear steel bumper

    Its not off yet, but I ordered my Next Venture Motorsports aluminum bumper. Hoping I can sell it cheap to someone who could use it... $100 and it is yours. Kirkland.
  5. Most aggressive 3 peak rated 35 or 315 tire

    Looking not to give up snow/rain traction but get something more aggressive than stock, something close to SAS sizing on a 17” rim got any suggestions?
  6. Tailgate reinforcements- Do they damage the paint?

    I haven't gotten a great look at all the different options, but it seems like the all could rub paint on the hinges or tailgate? Do they?
  7. What size are the push pins that hold down the cover over the radiator/grill cover under the hood

    W714040-S300 is the part number Found this on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Rexka-Retainers-Wheelhouse-W714040-S300-6509049-AA/dp/B07Y8M5TBC Can't delete a thread, so I figured I might as well answer my own question...
  8. Shop recommendation- 74Weld steering rack insfall

    Can anyone recommend a shop who would quote and install a Stage 3 74Weld rack hopefully including alignment
  9. Front window tint and Line-Xed the pinch welds

    Tint mostly because the Line-X shop does it and I have been just putting it off. I needed to clean up the paint on my pinch welds, I had a bunch of aftermarket sliders on and off the vehicle about 20 times and due to my own fault damaged the paint. I also left the sliders bare metal for way...
  10. Rancho rear control arm "glide plates" skidplates

    Anybody have these? will they fit over the Badlands mounts which have the factory skids? https://www.gorancho.com/products/rancho-rockgear-rs62500-skid-plate
  11. Can we start a 2023 SEMA thread?

    And who is going? I will be there Wednesday through Friday.
  12. Someone with 37s'

    Anyone around Seattle/Snohomish with 37s that would be will to help me do a test fit? I would even take an unmounted tire in desperation. Ideally we just swap wheels around and I use a jack to check clearances...
  13. What rubs first? How to figure out if 37s will fit???

    I have a FE with Bilstein 6112s (circlip 4 up front, 3 in the rear) Which Bilstein says gives a stock Bronco 1.5" of lift. I have true TrailReady Bead Locks at 17x8 with +19mm of back spacing (compared to stock at 17x8.5 and +30mm) I think that makes my wheels stick out about .5". Is that...
  14. How to deal with auto down windows when getting window tint?

    Every vehicle that I have had the windows tinted has come with instructions to not lower the windows for a couple of days after getting the tint installed.. Ho do you handle this with the auto down?
  15. Rear bumper that truly protects rear corners from drop offs

    I have no interest in a tire carrier solution, just looking for high clearance and something that protects the rear corners from drop offs/departure angle issue. Of course I don't want any unnecessary weight either. I know that bumper preference is alot of looks and a lot of personal...
  16. How difficult is the steering rack replacement?

    I am thinking of taking the plunge and upgrading to the full Weld74 kit. I am fairly handy mechanically and electrically. I have installed my suspension (Bilstein 6112s) other bolt ons and have all the tools imaginable. can it be done without dropping springs/shocks/axles out? If that was...
  17. Forscan Procal and not recognizing PCM- error code contact developers

    Just finally got around to changing the powerpoint timeout and disabling the double honk on my 2021 BroncoS 2021 Badlands no issues 2021 First Edition with Procal tune will not recognize Bronco- says enter PCM part number yada... Any ideas?
  18. Harris Ford Service 3% for using a credit card

    just a head up- I have a fleet of 15 work trucks in addition to my two personal Broncos. We took a truck to Harris Ford in Lynwood because Kendall and Bickford were weeks out on an appointment. Harris Ford charges 3% on top of $225 per hour, $60 shop supplies and a hazmat fee. If they are...
  19. Bilstein 6112, my review of Digressive shocks

    I am probably the only one one the planet with one Bronco on SAS (Badlands) and one Bronco with 6112s (FE) I like the 6112s far better than SAS on the street than SAS. I can't tell a difference in the slow speed off road that I do. I drive 90% on the street. I am happy with my decision. Ask...
  20. Bronco caught in flood waters, driver rescued by air

    Hope you and your Bronco are OK (starts at about 15 seconds in) Guess we know the limits of a water crossing