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  1. Can you spot the Sasquatch?

    Hey Ken. I’m on vaca in TX this week. I’ve seen about 100 Broncos, all moar doors. I go to the beach today in Galveston and what do I see………. OOOOOOOOO YEAH!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I scanned through Healy’s comments he said there are a few out there that are working to integrate the swap to work will all electronics. But no release yet. Someone also asked if he was swapping in a solid front axle. He responded with a nope and leaving the “chicken wings”
  3. GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks like the first post is Lone Star Axle. Bronco has a Solid Axle Swap (notice it did not type SAS 😆) and it’s on 43s.
  4. GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks like Healy has the same idea.
  5. GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well I’ll be damned look what I found scrolling through FB. 😯
  6. Best UCA survey - which did you go with and why?

    For those who may not have ever seen BigMeatsBronco has posted here about how some of these so called engineered badass high dollar UCAs do not hold a candle to the range of motion of the stock upper ball joint. The OEM uca is quite good. Not any adjustment in them but I feel you really do not...
  7. The Official Bronco6G Photo Challenge Game 📸 🤳

    😆😆 Yep, and the ‘ole side eye with a sigh. Along with “Now what are you doing” 😆😆😆
  8. The Official Bronco6G Photo Challenge Game 📸 🤳

    Your wife and my wife can hang out together then you and I can be idiots together. She says the same thing. 😆 They are just jealous that we have more fun than they do. 😁

    You are correct it would be a better quarter car than a corner carver. It weighs close to 600 pounds. One might be better off with a 5.0 or 5.8 if one would want to do some carving. But for just the best smiles per mile it hard to beat them 445 inches of brutal torque.
  10. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Club

    I have not seen him post anything about the Braptor parts yet. As far as the Zilla. My Fox was already Procharged. Ran mid to low 12s at 115 with a shit AOD trans. Not planning on racing it just a mean street machine. I’m no spring chicken either, 57, been turning wrenches since I had a...
  11. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Club

    I know you won’t but don’t take this the wrong way because that is not the intent of my post but……….. True, it did take a lot of work. But did not cost 20K, just time.😉 I would love to buy some portals but knowing me I will end up with something like this because it is what my wallet can...
  12. Are my new tires good enough for Moab, bro-sephs?

    I’ve had the ban hammer over my head more than once around here. 🤣
  13. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Club

    Damn right. Those wheel wells are BIG. 😁
  14. Are my new tires good enough for Moab, bro-sephs?

    I could only afford 2 right now. In a couple of weeks I can get the other 2. 🫤 I found some steel to make my skid plates out of but the pics are on my PC. Will have to wait till I get home to post. 😆
  15. 💔Bilstein you have some s’plaining to do! 🤬

    As par for the course with me I find this stuff a bit late and did not read all the responses but here is my take. Bilstien “yellows” are the starter shock from them, 4600 series. The 6100s with their shiny silver finish might be great for yous in warm weather climates but for those in the...
  16. You know you’re a B6G old-timer when….

    I was just making a joke about it, hence all the laughter at the end. It doesn’t bother me to not be in a clique. In school I was the geek who wore glasses and had short hair. Wore a dog chain necklace and listened to metal music. Got bullied all the time about my “girlie” musicians and look...
  17. You know you’re a B6G old-timer when….

    We just aren’t in that click @NatureMan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  18. Central Control Armrest Cover TPE Protection Pad For 2021-2024 Bronco

    What is the difference. Ford was taking reservations for the Bronc and then took 3 yrs, or more, to fill those orders. In the mean time they filled current orders. And then there is ADV tops. 😒
  19. From 'Stang to Bronco?

    My current boss, trucking/excavating, is the same way. His phone rings non stop. Never writes anything down but remembers it all.