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  1. GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Loren has the pockets and the backing so if he can't get it done, I doubt anybody can.
  2. Fordpass says my Bronco is in Detriot.

    I see you are in AZ but have you verified that your Bronco is not actually in Detroit?
  3. Kinda Dumb Off-Roadeo Policy

    I think that technically the Off-Rodeo reservation is tied to VIN and not the buyer. Did you create an Off-Rodeo account and do a VIN check to see if your Bronco qualifies? Many people who bought used were able to go.
  4. Kinda Dumb Off-Roadeo Policy

    I mean, you gotta read all that fine print. OP, if you are unable to get it sorted out but still want to go, try this trick to get a guest discount. Complete the Off Rodeo registration, add to cart but don't complete the transaction. In a few days you should receive an email with a discount...
  5. Brakes issue - 2.3L BB 4DR

    Yes https://m.carcomplaints.com/Ford/Bronco/2021/tsbs/tsb-ssm-50314.shtml
  6. Mods to Increase Fuel Economy ?

    Came here to post the same. If you are concerned about MPG's then a 1ton brick was the wrong vehicle choice. You may be able to eek out a few extra miles but there is no Tornado Air miracle to be had.
  7. Fox wildtrack shocks onto Everglades questions for the shock swaping experts

    Just take the coilover down to your local hardware store and match up what you need. It will be a lot cheaper then buying through Ford, and as long as you buy Grade 8, it will be the same quality.
  8. Hard Top - where do you put / store it when off the car?

    Build and/or buy a hoist for you garage ceiling. That way the other vehicle and still park underneath it. It makes taking the top off 10x easier too.
  9. 2025 Bronco Spy Shots -- New Trim?

    by September
  10. Doors Off - Issues putting them back on

    This. It makes the job so much easier. Also, move slowly and deliberately when re-installing the doors and everything will be. And get yourself a cordless ratchet.
  11. 2.3L - Life Expectancy?

    Depends on how well you maintain it and take care of it, but if done properly, it should last you 200k miles or more. Follow the recommended service intervals in the manual. For a bit more piece of mine (and what I and many others do) change the oil every 5k miles. Some people prefer full...
  12. Double checking on standard ordering paperwork

    If there is no VIN and no price then what exactly are you agreeing to do by signing??

    Just, wow. Only on 6g can we go from a dealership story about upright Bronco owners to a debate about the origins of Aunt Jemima. Un-f'n-believable

    This thread is f'n wild. Definitely, in my top 5 fav's. 9/10 would recommend.
  15. You know you’re a B6G old-timer when….

    This leaked image from the Vegas dealer meeting and the teeth gnashing that resulted from those who didn't see the shadow. And then we got this and a slew of magazine and user renderings to follow:
  16. 2x1 Tuesday! Let's see those before & after photos.

    Oh, and here's the wifes:
  17. You know you’re a B6G old-timer when….

    FIFY Which reminds me of the Rockstars!
  18. 2x1 Tuesday! Let's see those before & after photos.

    Although, the after picture is out of date. I have since blacked out the windshield frame / a-pillar and rollbar (think BRaptor Eclipse) and also have a crease stripe to add courtesy of the OP
  19. 2025 Bronco Spy Shots -- New Trim?

    Is it really a spy shot if it is driving around without any cover ups or camo? And it is just a dealer bolt-on appearance package. Not a new trim.