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  1. Highbeam tap

    https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/how-to-tie-auxiliary-lights-into-your-high-beam.15442/ anyone know where i would find those wires mentioned in a bronco or bronco raptor? trying to tie my highbeam to my trigger on switchpro
  2. Roof rack compatible with 50" led bar?

    I have a baja s8 50" i need to install soon. Any Full length roof racks that would accommodate the bar?
  3. Diode Dynamics C1R disappointing 3.3watt output

    Bought 3 of these looking to make a replacement bronco raptor chmsl, thought they looked dim when testing on the bench. Turns out the backup light is only 3.3 watts. Anyone else get them in recently?
  4. Alpharex headlights installed on Bronco Raptor

    All seems to work the same. Except turn signal is the bar only. Halo doesn't blink when turning
  5. Front Bumper Parking Sensors - outsides disconnected?

    I was adding in a 4x4truckleds bracket for diode dynamics lights, and realized that the 2 outside parking sensors on the bumper are not connected to anything? is it safe to assume that if i replaced the bumper at some point, i won't need 2 outside sensors installed? I thought i read something...
  6. Missing Bronco Tool Kit?

    Mine was missing, is there anything special with the bronco raptor toolkit?
  7. Raptor Gas Tank Size?

    Yesterday i was able to fill 16.6 gallons with 34 miles left on fuel gauge. i get 14.2 mpg currently. is there a big reserve after hitting 0 on the gauge?
  8. Scammy Dealer, what to do?

    Hi all, so i have a golden ticket and a unconverted reservation previously. i called to express interest in the braptor and told them i have a golden ticket, they said they will get back to me. out of nowhere, my reservation converts to order for a badlands, possibly what i reserved at first i...