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  1. 2021 Badlands Build - Tons of Mods from BroncBuster and More

    @txbroncbuster Hoss 3.0 steering rack, bronc bushing, rack housing, dana 60 rear end, Advantek ultimate dana 44 FDU, DanaSpicer extreme CV shafts, Tibus portals. Such a great company with incredible customer service @danaincorporated @tibususa portals @DV8offroad winch bumper, 12,000 lb winch...
  2. Broncos Rock Crawling in Moab, Utah // The Carnage Chronicles

    This is a short video from our trip to Moab with Bronco Safari in May. BroncBuster (Tyler Mason) was the trail leader. We're in the 1st Cyber Orange bronco. These ledges weren't all that difficult but the spacing of the ledges made it a little challenging. Still it was a blast. The next...
  3. Sand Hollow Wayne's World

    Ran into Tyler (BroncBuster) this morning in the line up getting ready to run Wayne's World at Sand Hollow for the Winter 4x4 Jamboree. Not sure what trail he was running. Sorry, we're not videographers so not the best video. The jeep owners were impressed with the Bronco. Badsquatch.
  4. Moab Off Roadeo is awesome!

    If you are on the fence about the Off Rodeo just do it. We spent yesterday running Dome Plateau trail (rated 4+) in Moab. It blew away my expectations. The trail guide made us put those broncos in positions that I would never do myself. The tech is awesome and the broncos performed flawlessly...
  5. Dealer Roadshow in Utah this week - who's going?

    Just wondering who is going? What day & time? Does anyone know which Broncos will be here? I'll be there Wednesday May 5 at noon.
  6. Why are you a member of this forum?

    I'm on the forum to read updates about production, commodity shortages, news about when we can expect our build date, basic info from Ford insiders and well-researched equipment/review posts. I love watching the vids and reading the reviews since I haven't had the opportunity to sit in a Bronco...
  7. B&P options

    Sorry if this has been answered somewhere....I reserved the Badlands edition and want leather (or cloth) interior, which is listed in the summary but doesn't show up in B&P. I won't get a vehicle with black vinyl interior - waaaay to hot during summer. If it's not available then I guess I have...