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  1. Kicker Key 200.4 what happens if you turn the fader off.

    Have you tried turning the gain up on the rear speakers on the amp? I did that with out making the rear speakers full range and it helped.
  2. Need help with plugnplay harness pins!

    Hello. I'm stalling my kicker key amp using the plug in play harness. Everything worked fine until I ran the wires behind the dash. I went to turn everything on and no sound. It turns out a wire pulled out of a pin in the harness. How do I remove these pins to reconnect to the wire...
  3. Just removed hard top for 20th time. Observations & tips

    Hey in your pick your back window is shut. Mine stays open. How did you get yours to stay shut? Thanks
  4. The moment you realized you should’ve gone with cloth seats

    I won't call bs on this post. Mine are to really hot to the touch when left parked in the sun all day. I bought the carhart covers with my ford points and it's better.
  5. Chapman Ford of Horsham - Highly Recommend

    I've purchased two bronco's and a superduty from Chapman since July 21. Every time the transaction was easy and their team is great to work with.
  6. Newbie question - on why there are so many used Broncos on AutoTrader.

    Dealers also list all reservation orders as stock so those will also hit the websites as inventory.
  7. 2023MY ch-ch-changes: No more cloth! Bash plates removed from lower trims!

    I used my points to buy the Carhart brand seat covers from my ford dealer. I was ready to sell my BD. I've never had MGV seats before and they are horrible in the summer. Nothing like driving 2 hours to the beach and sweating the whole time! I put the carharts on last month. They fit...
  8. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    No I figured give them a day or two. They know we are lurking!
  9. 📬 Scheduling emails are going out now!! (3/2/23)

    I got the email reminder to reorder my bronco by the 7th...I have a Wildtrak on order. So I just decided to go look at ford's website and to my surprise it's scheduled for 4/24! So they even sent me the incorrect email!
  10. MGV (Vinyl) versus Leather

    Quick question. I have mgv in my badlands. It's terrible in the summer sun. I see the other option is leather trimmed vinyl. Does the leather help with with heat or is there still to much mgv?
  11. 📧 Bad news Friday... official email from Ford: "Urgent information regarding your Ford Bronco order."

    Wow. WTF @Ford Motor Company ? I get that if I keep my Wildtrack order I may not see it this year. But to then per the email if I do nothing you will cancel the order and then I have to get back in line in 2024 is just fuking crazy! Holyshitballs!
  12. HVAC Temperature Digital Readout Dials Are Back For 2023 Broncos!

    Makes the 22 an instant classic!!
  13. Stealth Matte Wrap on Eruption Green!

    My buddy recommended the one in Jersey. They are on instagram named wrap_n_auto. The one in Delaware is Diablo's Autowerks. I talked to them the most and they were really informative.
  14. Stealth Matte Wrap on Eruption Green!

    I'm down in Delaware I have two quotes for a two door in the 2500 price range. Some of my buddies are into cars and wrapping and recommened the places. One is in Delaware and the one is in Jersey. I haven't gone to their shops yet to discuss with them. I want to make sure they realize they...
  15. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    Congrats on the phillies colored raptor! Just loose the astro's jersey!
  16. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    We don't believe you unless you post pics!!