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  1. Pre collision sensor update

    Hey everybody I have a 21 basesquatch that did an automatic update that messed with the pre collision sensor. It is way too sensitive and the little icon on the dash is annoying. Is there a way to desensitize it? When it’s on, it senses traffic coming towards me in the opposite left lane when...
  2. Changing front and rear diff oil on basesquatch

    Pardon my ignorance, but this will be the first time I change the oil in both diffs. Can someone explain the torque needed for the cover? I found 177lbs and 25. What does that mean? I tried looking it up, but couldn’t find any info. Also, the book says that the plugs are non reusable? And can...
  3. Tomahawk grille

    Anyone have one of these? I need a light bar for KOH, but don’t wanna spend a grand or wait for the rtr to come back in stock. Is the light any good? Does it fit properly? How’s the color match to SAS fender flares...
  4. Looking for a rear bumper

    I’m looking for a decent rear bumper that doesn’t stick out past the body line and is similar to the mod front bumper. I found a bunch of threads, but nothing that I like other than a cheap eBay bumper that I’m skeptical about putting on my bronco, but I like how it looks. I’m just afraid of...
  5. Rear shock skids for Icon kit?

    anyone know of a rear shock skid set that’ll work for the icon system? I’m at a stage 6 if that matters. I bought the dv8’s cuz I wanted to protect the trailing arm mounts too, but I’d have to chop off too much meat to make them work and ultimately defeating the point of the skid plates.
  6. Steering rack bolt torque specs

    Did the broncbuster stuff. Anyone have the torque specs?
  7. Broncbuster housing install in so cal??

    I need to find a shop in so cal that'll install the broncbuster housing and the bushing for relatively cheap.. I've called a few shops and nobody wants to cuz they dunno what it is. I've tried contacting broncbuster a few times and they haven't responded.
  8. Reservation to order email

    Hey everybody! After all the bs I've dealt with to try and get my bronco, I finally got an email saying I'll be one of the first to order a 2023. This is a day 1 reservation that was ordered, canceled, reordered and canceled again, but kept my reservation alive the whole time. I've already...
  9. Looking for accessory power in engine bay

    I haven't looked yet, but I need an accessory power wire to hook up my switch panel. The wire is on the box mounted to the fuse box. Anyone have experience with this?
  10. Stereo upgrade questions

    Hey everybody! So I installed the jbl soundbar, it's awesome! But then I had the idea to switch everything to jbl. So now I have the jbl fuse, basically 8" subs and 4" jbl clubs. I have not installed either yet because I'm looking for the right stuff. The clubs are 3 ohms, is that go to be an...
  11. Where to get your jbl soundbar flashed

    Where in southern california can I get my jbl soundbard flashed? My local dealer wants to keep it for 3 days to "figure it out". I'm in Norco, southern california. Anybody already take theirs somewhere around me to get done?