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  1. Sasquatch w/ towing package = not enough room to hook the trailer to the ball!

    Workes for me. Had an 8 inch drop though to keep the trailer level.
  2. Impressions at 25,000 miles.

    12k is a lot different than 25k. I have had mine a year with almost 24k on it and have had no issues at all. Drives great and is a blast!
  3. Impressions at 25,000 miles.

    I just laugh because if you have hated it so much but somehow kept driving it for so long.
  4. How many miles before your 1st windshield chip/crack

    I made it about 3 miles driving home from the dealer before my first chip in the windshield. Haven't had one since. Almost at 20k miles
  5. I Still Love my Bronco

    I'm at 10 months and I love mine!! Can't wait for the warm weather again so I can take the top off. So much fun to drive!!
  6. Our Dangerous "Advanced" Bronco Wipers

    2022 wildtrak
  7. Our Dangerous "Advanced" Bronco Wipers

    I have not had any issues with the wipers. Been in heavy rain and heavy snow/ice. They worked very well for me.
  8. Sluggish when turning

    Are you in 4wheel when you are turning?
  9. I found an awesome spare tire cover this morning

    I can't find a TCU one. Looks like it didn't show up like the team either. Lol.
  10. 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution EV Pickup Truck Concept Official Reveal ⚡️🐏

    Suicide doors? Interesting I'm not a big Ram fan. Kind of looks cool.
  11. A Couple of Thoughts on the Raptor

    I'm hoping Ford takes the comments people make and puts them into the new models. Being able to customize the dash would be cool feature. Maybe they will add a bigger engine too. Kind of like the F150 Raptor R.
  12. Special Edition Wildtrak Available

    That looks like a Bronco the Pope would drive with all the white!
  13. Chemical Guys sale on Amazon

    I use Chemical guys and have been very pleased with their products.
  14. Bronco Raptor Driving in Snow Storm - First Experience

    I just drove my woldtrak thru some nasty snowy, icy highway in northern Michigan. Slippery mode was the hero of the day.!
  15. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    Where did you mount your amp? Did you run the wires off the front kicker speakers?
  16. First Big Road Trip: Michigan Upper Peninsula to Copper Harbor & Isle Royale

    Heading up there this week to drop my son off at Michigan Tech. Can't wait to explore!!