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  1. Rhode Island Sold: Sasquatch Wheels WITH TPMS

    I just got a set of ford method wheels installed. Selling my stock Sasquatch wheels off my badlands. Great condition. TPMS sensors are included. Set of 5. $600. Local pickup only
  2. My B&O Upgrade - factory amp

    So i originally followed this thread to upgrade my system as it sounded pretty poor for the "premium" B&O system with the lux package. Ford should be embarrassed. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/b-o-sound-system-complete-upgrade-done-%E2%9C%85.41031/ Instead of kickers I grabbed some...
  3. Which Apex valve stem on 703s?

    Im looking into the ford accessory method 703 wheels and want to pair a set of Apex RPV valve stems. Has anyone used this combo and can confirm if the XL stems are the correct size? https://www.apexdesignsusa.com/products/rapid-precision-valve-xl?variant=39348329742383
  4. Rhode Island 2x Baja Designs LP4 - Clear Combo Lens

    I have a pair of Baja Designs LP4 lights for sale. I had them on my roof rack but removed to lower wind noise. They are in great condition. The lens are clear with a combo pattern. $500 shipped and insured.
  5. Rhode Island Sold: Signature Headlights

    I have a set of signature lights off my 22 Badlands for sale. They are in perfect working order. No broken clips. Entertaining local pickup first. $750 Willing to ship via UPS. two boxes. Each 26#. 20x17x13. Ships from zipcode 02881
  6. Signature Lights - Sold

    SOLD I upgraded to raptor lights and have my signature lights off my 22 badlands available. Posting here for local pickup. $750
  7. Rhode Island 4WP Upper Control Arm - Price Lowered

    I bought these on the forum but decided to stay with my stock UCA. $250 shipped
  8. Molle Seat back

    Has anyone switched from vinyl with molle seat back to katzkin leather? Do they replace the cover with a pocket in the back or reuse the molle seat back plastic?
  9. Locutus Bronco Buddy

    Figured I would post my recent nerd addition. I’ve seen “bronco buddies” on etsy and liked the idea. Ended up finding this locutus figure on amazon. Just needed a hole drilled in the base to adapt to my existing rail. For the record Picard is the best star trek captain.
  10. Rhode Island Sold: BL Sasquatch Coilovers $500

    I upgraded to Eibach coilovers so my stock coilovers are up for grabs. Came off a 22 Badlands Sasquatch 2.7 with tow package. Hardware included. 9k miles. Local pickup only. $500
  11. Gobi Rack, RTT, Retro Stripes, Greenlane Steps installed

    Figure i would post up my latest additions. I added the Gobi Rack back in the fall because i wanted a rack with legit capacity to hold my RTT and 2.5 people up top. Today I just added the retro stripes from @Underground Graphics which I think look fantastic. The stripes were super easy to...
  12. Looking for Moab Sticker

    I attended the Moab offroadeo a few weeks ago and the store was all out of the large offroadeo moab stickers. My pic shows the large generic offroadeo sticker next to the small moab one. I reached out to the offroadeo headquarters and they were great and said they could send me some. However...
  13. Rhode Island Sold: 2x Baja Designs LP4s with Greenlane Mod Bumper light mount

    I'm selling this setup to fund other bronco projects. I don't use these much. The lights probably only have an hour of use. Includes 2x Baja Designs LP4 lights in great condition. MSRP $424/each. These are clear driving/combo lenses...
  14. Moab: Recommend me a UTV rental

    I'm looking to fly into Moab in May and attend the off-roadeo. My plans give me 3 full days in Moab. One full day will be the Off-Roadeo, one day will be some hiking, probably arches. I want to rent a UTV my third day. What does everyone recommend? I see there are several outfits that rent...
  15. Rhode Island Sold: FS: Single Audiofrog GS40

    I bought a pair of GS40 speakers to put in the rear. I decided to only use one to replace my center speaker on my B&O. $120 shipped. Accept PP.
  16. Speaker Identifier Numbers?

    So I’m looking through FDRS software and it allows me to change output of speakers 3 and 4. I have the B&O system. The options are tweeter and non-tweeter. Does anyone know which speakers these are?
  17. Rhode Island Sold: Bronco Center Caps

    I have a set of 4 center caps of my old black diamond steelies. $100 shipped
  18. Rhode Island Mod Bumper KR Offroad Fog Light Brackets

    I changed my setup around and no longer need my modular bumper fog brackets. These were purchased from 4x4truckleds last fall. They have some wear on the powder coat and on some of the edges the powder coat had flaked off. However, these can be touched up and the underlying metal is...
  19. PSA: A good way to avoid a scam (Google Images)

    I'll start this off by saying the obvious...always use a secure form of payment, like PayPal for purchases. If the seller doesn't want to use it due to the fee, offer to pay the fee, its worth it. However, sometimes you might want to take some risk if its an item that's hard to find and the...
  20. Rhode Island Sold: 2022 Capable Bumper (with sensor holes)

    I snagged a mod bumper so selling my capable bumper. Includes factory fog lights. Does NOT include parking sensors or bumper harness; i transferred those to my new mod bumper. My badlands has 1100 miles so this is almost new. Will not ship at this point. Local pickup in RI. $300