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    I love the blue plaid and get compliments on them all the time. They contribute to the throwback look. I love when older generations walk over and ask me what year it is. Then they look inside and see the 12 inch screen and are amazed.
  2. Oracle Headlights Won't Turn Off

    They look much closer to the 1966 lights the Heritage is modeled after than anything else I've seen.
  3. Oracle Headlights Won't Turn Off

    Found multiple threads on this. Same thing happens to factory lights. I used the keyfob to lock the truck and they shutoff.
  4. Oracle Headlights Won't Turn Off

    I've had my Oracle Headlights installed since the first week I got my Bronco. Today I noticed the LED won't turn off after I exit the vehicle. They usually shut off after a minute or two but today they won't. They've been on for hours. Any ideas?

    Want to brag on my HE! Just made first trip to Ozarks. Took my 17 year old son for a father/son overlanding weekend. We ended up on several trails rated 6/10 and I am not a very experienced driver yet (maps were tough to follow in several places). The HE performed like an absolute beast! We...

    Done. Would love this awning!

    I love this look. Glad to hear you didn't lose much clearance. If I had the 2.3L this is what I would go with but I have the 2.7L and aim nervous to move the intercooler.

    Looks great!

    Need thoughts on winch options from fellow HE owners. I've read lots of threads here on capable bumper winch options. I've looked at install videos of high mount options and hidden options. Each seems to have its pros and cons. I love the clean look of the HE and the grill gets lots of looks so...
  10. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Club

    Love it! Where are you located? I'm in Baton Rouge area and have a Shadow Black 4Dr HE. Went to Tunica a few weeks ago but it was dry so all pretty easy. Would love to connect.
  11. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Club

    Wheeled a bit yesterday and the HE did great. Not too difficult of a trail but some decent elevation changes. Beautiful views though.
  12. 75w85 rear differential gear oil what are you using

    I found posts from @CarbonSteel before my Bronco arrived so I was prepped. At 2300 miles I changed oil, front and rear diff, and transfer case. Swapped rear diff cover when I did it. I am running 75-140w in both front and rear. About 1000 miles since that change and no problems.
  13. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Club

    Looks awesome! Congrats.
  14. Touch Up Paint?

    My flaps are working well also. This was a bolt or something else metal thrown up by another vehicle. It landed in middle of hood and then hit windshield. Getting glass repaired today.
  15. Touch Up Paint?

    Road construction in my area finally got me this week. I had several large rocks kick up from car in front of me and land right in the middle of my hood. My HE is shadow black. Anyone have recommendation on where to get touch up paint (dealer, aftermarket, etc)?
  16. Heritage Edition with Trailrax roof rack

    Bronco is named Hope so the badge was both necessary and fitting.
  17. Heritage Edition with Trailrax roof rack

    I almost went with this rack but opted for the Rakket rack instead because it allows me to completely remove middle section easily and the back tower comes off when Hardtop is removed. That makes it easy to completely remove so I can have entire top off when I want which was important to me.
  18. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Club

    Mine is Shadow Black and I absolutely love it but the Race Red gets my attention every time I see it.