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  1. 💔Bilstein you have some s’plaining to do! 🤬

    Are these really made by Bilstein or is it just Bilstein's design and name and manufactured by the cheapest supplier in China like the B&O sound system?
  2. Bronco Braptor Graphics Decal Kit (2 DR and 4DR) + 🆕 Update

    I really do like this style, but I see many regular F-150s rolling around with Raptor style graphics, and...I just don't want to be that guy.
  3. Rock Jock Rear Sway Bar Kit released for Bronco

    Are you interested in selling your stock rear sway bar? If so, I'd be interested in buying it.
  4. KO3 vs KO2 Tires Comparison Look and Technical Analysis

    I've been a big fan of the KO2, and I am looking forward to some real world unbiased reviews of these KO3s. I have them on my Jeep and I was happy to see that my Badlands came with them from the factory. I even have a replica set on my Bronco R R/C truck!
  5. Is the factory tranny skid plate available on its own?

    I received and installed my 4WP tranny skid plate today. Well made, well-engineered, and sturdy. My only gripes are that it comes with 17mm bolts while the remainder of the factory skid bolts are 15mm, and that its made in Thighland. I re-used all the factory hardware from my Badlands, and had...
  6. Pin stripes / trail stripes - who really cares?

    The 'pinstripes' on the soft top windows are a little more painful. The ones in the paint will usually come out with an electric buffer.
  7. Painted my beauty rings gloss black. Badlands SAS

    I recently powercoated a set of rings from Sas take offs to more or less match the Badlands badge. I was fortunate enough that the tires were already removed and I found using a heat gun to warm up the bolts made removal easy peasy. I reinstalled with anti-seize and after checking the bolt...
  8. Victory: dialed in the Kicker 200.4 and 500.1 amps with upgraded speakers and Gearshade hidden 8" sub

    IMO, they should both be crossed at 80hz, and I believe that is what most people do, and is the way mine is set up as well. Each of those amps have a 24 octave slope, which is steep, but its not a definitive cutoff on either at 80hz. The sub and kick panel speakers will be playing frequencies...
  9. Is the factory tranny skid plate available on its own?

    That 4WP seems like a good deal. I understand that most of their stuff is made in China, but decent price for peace of mind. Has anyone installed it and have some feedback on it? Does it fit well with the factory skid plate package? I searched the forum and didn't see anything.
  10. A New Kind of Portal

    I took this comment as a personal attack.
  11. Powdercoat option to match Badlands Orange

    An update on this. I ended up going with Sunrise Orange instead. SUNRISE ORANGE | PMB-4665 | Prismatic Powders. Still relatively close to the badge color, but with a little more orange. This appears to have a slight yellow metallic to it. $200 from my local powdercoater.
  12. *Product Highlight* ORACLE Lighting Ford Bronco CorloSHIFT® Fiber Optic LED Interior Dash Board Kit

    Pro tip: Use spell check when writing install instructions.
  13. 📸 2025 4Runner Leaked: New Competition Revealed

    Looks 'clunky'. I prefer the look of the Land Cruiser.
  14. Extreme Terrain Barricade Tubular Bumper

    I still think that this is the best looking bumper available for these Broncos. The matching rear bumper looks good as well. Barricade Bronco HD Tubular Rear Bumper FB14611 (21-24 Bronco, Excluding Raptor) - Free Shipping (extremeterrain.com) This is a Chinese bumper sold under several...
  15. 2dr dsp/amp that fits stock location?

    I recommend these for the kick panel: Memphis Audio MJP6 MOJO Pro Series 6-1/2" 4-ohm component woofer at Crutchfield Putting a coax in the kick panels really lowers the sound stage. I've been very happy with these in the kicks and the Morel Ultra-coaxs in the dash.
  16. HELP: What is this wrap color?!

    Spend some time on Metro Restyling's website. They'll probably have a color / style you are looking for. Tan Vinyl Wraps: Free Shipping $99+ | Metro Restyling
  17. Cracked on the lot.

    These are the same tops that Ford is willing to sell to you for the bargain price of only $5000. Ford should have put a stop sale on these tops years ago until Webasto got them figured out.
  18. Is 300,000 miles possible?

    I'd say you're good for 300k, as soon as you trade it in for an old 4 Runner or Tacoma.
  19. Powdercoat option to match Badlands Orange

    I am looking to powder coat the trim ring on some Sas take offs and ordered a few swatches from Prismatic Powders to match the color. Carrot Curry is a dead match, but the color itself is rather blah. Sunrise Pearl is very close as well and a much more vibrant color. Taking the pictures in the...