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  1. Moab Bronco Safari 2023 Scheduled For May 2-6

    We're staying in Mesquite tonight, be at the Moab KOA Monday afternoon. I plan to head over to registration as soon as we get settled in.
  2. Moab Bronco Safari 2023 Scheduled For May 2-6

    Has anyone talked about a Monday evening meet up? Doesn't have to be long, or for dinner. Meet folks, do a little final planning, etc. Would/could be helpful to have some conversation the beginning of the week with our group. Plan...leave it improptu?
  3. Moab Bronco Safari 2023 Scheduled For May 2-6

    Yeah, we're running on Sunday. We leave Tues afternoon, so also running Mon and Tues.
  4. Moab Bronco Safari 2023 Scheduled For May 2-6

    I don't like Behind the Rocks because it's bumpy and dusty and lacks the scenery of most of the other trails. Much of the trail is just dirt, and unlike some of the other mostly dirt trails it has little scenery, compared to others. It has some fun drops and climbs. So, really it's just a...
  5. Moab Bronco Safari 2023 Scheduled For May 2-6

    Those 3 trails on Tues with Bronco nation are all day trails. Not that it takes all day to run them, depends on the size of the group, but those are 3 different trail rides. All in different directions. Behind the Rocks is my least favorite trail in Moab, will never do it again. Gemini...
  6. Moab Bronco Safari 2023 Scheduled For May 2-6

    Trying to catch up. So, looks like the group has decided TOTW for Wed and Trifecta (never heard it called that before) on Thurs. I'm leaning towards TOTW on Sat, I have a couple friends arriving on Fri and would like to do TOTW. i might relent and do Thurs with you, how many are on that run...
  7. Moab Bronco Safari 2023 Scheduled For May 2-6

    Sorry folks, catching up here, haven't been on the forum at all. Personal opinion here, but I wouldn't do Trifecta (assuming that is all the way through Golden Spike) unless you have enough days to do plenty of other trails, or just REALLY want to do it. It's a loooong day. It's one reason that...
  8. Moab Bronco Safari 2023 Scheduled For May 2-6

    I'll be in a 40ft motorhome towing the 2dr Badlands, CO. And, I just went ahead and registered for the event.
  9. Moab Bronco Safari 2023 Scheduled For May 2-6

    Just checking in. Haven't been on 6G for quite a while. We leave home on 4-30 and will arrive at Moab KOA on 5-1. Won't be joining the 5-1 trip, but ready to go on 5-2 and later. We leave on 5-10, meeting some other friends after running with you all. I haven't registered for the Safari yet...
  10. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

    Yes, absolutely recommend. I have a friend with XPEL on his 4Runner and doing the same trails his has a big scratch that needs work to get out, mine doesn't show a thing. Numerous trails and no scratches visible at any time. And the dirt doesn't stick, almost never have to wash it.
  11. Moab Bronco Safari 2023 Scheduled For May 2-6

    I'll be arriving on 5/1 so will miss any runs on that day. I'll just be getting home from Sand Hollow with the buggy on the 24th, then turn around and leave for Moab on the 30th with the Bronco. I'm meeting a few other non Bronco friends on Fri the 6th, and leaving the 10th. I'm very open on...
  12. King Of The Hammers 2023 Prep

    Cool. I saw them and the kids this morning.
  13. King Of The Hammers 2023 Prep

    Nice view. Work or pleasure? Are you just hanging out on Sat? I'll be finished by about 8:30, then nothing until the top three finish. We have to check for tire balls.
  14. King of the Hammers version Bronco?

    Here are a few pics I got today, and some details. This is a special edition built in the Fox Shocks performance facility. There will be 100-150 built. You can select your current Bronco on order to be drop shipped to Fox, rather than the dealership, to have it built. The bumpers and rockrails...
  15. King Of The Hammers 2023 Prep

    Sure. Quite a few things actually, but none real big. Vent line routing, t-case, diffs, and fuel tank. Some front bumpers are too short, need to be in front of the tires. Rear facing lights not working properly, must all be on with the ignition. Some motors don't shut down when the master kill...
  16. Moab Bronco Safari 2023 Scheduled For May 2-6

    I've never seen that. I was in Moab during the Bronco Safari two years ago and say plenty of Broncos but no trails blocked off. I don't see how it could even be done. We should be fine, especially if we keep track of the Safari schedule. It can work out perfectly with little to no planning ahead...
  17. King Of The Hammers 2023 Prep

    Last two days we had wind and at times got pretty dusty. Today is cool but clear with a breeze enough to keep the dust down. Forcast is pretty good overall.
  18. Dealership service department issue - windshield under warranty and yet...

    Did you talk to the general manager at the dealership, or a service advisor? Or the service manager? Ford can't override a dealership diagnosis on the phone.