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  1. Any taken delivery of ADV modular hardtop?

    I know Advanced Fiberglass was supposed to start delivering their hardtop in December so wondering if anyone out there has installed and what their impressions are? Anyone have pics of a delivered hardtop, as I've only seen the pics on the ADV website. Thanks!
  2. Headlights remain on 10 mins after shutoff

    Hello all, I did a brief search of the forums and didn't see any discussions on this. I've had my Bronco for about a week but it wasn't until last night that I noticed my headlights are staying on for approx 10 mins after I turn off the vehicle. I went into light settings and set the timer to 20...
  3. Standard day for getting build week changed?

    I know Thursdays are big for getting your original build week notifications....but is there a similar standard day that "push outs" happen? I happened to look at the backdoor link last Saturday and noticed I was bumped (no email from Ford), but not sure if that was just luck of timing or if it...