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  1. Oracle Headlights Won't Turn Off

    I've had my Oracle Headlights installed since the first week I got my Bronco. Today I noticed the LED won't turn off after I exit the vehicle. They usually shut off after a minute or two but today they won't. They've been on for hours. Any ideas?
  2. Touch Up Paint?

    Road construction in my area finally got me this week. I had several large rocks kick up from car in front of me and land right in the middle of my hood. My HE is shadow black. Anyone have recommendation on where to get touch up paint (dealer, aftermarket, etc)?
  3. My Letter to Ford

    Dear Ford, Hope...that’s the name of my 24 Shadow Black HE…”Hope”. “Why the name Hope?”, you might ask. Because that’s what the world needs…Hope. She will be the first new vehicle I’ve owned since the Wrangler JK I bought 12 years ago to replace the truck God had me give to a stranger in a...
  4. Production Stuck Check-In - Mod top issue?

    We have lots of build threads but I thought it might be helpful to have a dedicated thread for those of us with 1/1-1/31 blend dates but trackers are still stuck "In Production". Share your location, date, status, model/build specs, and any mods. Feel free to share any information you have from...
  5. Bronco Build Week 1/29/2024

    Haven't seen a thread for this build week yet so here goes. I ordered 4 Door Shadow Black Heritage Edition on 8/17/23 and am schedule for 1/29. Heritage Edition 10-Speed Automatic Transmission 2.7L EcoBoost® V6 Engine Sasquatch Package Excited to see this move into production!

    Bronco will be here in about 60 days and I have lots of initial mods planned and in some cases purchased. I love the AlphaRex Alpha Black Headlights and they are on sale for $1500 right now. I have a couple of coupon codes that bring the OCULUS™ COLORSHIFT® BI-LED PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS down to...
  7. Anyone have feedback on Topoak Galaxy RTT?

    Looks like a relatively new product. At $1299 it is much less than the other tents I've looked at but early reviews online seem good. It's almost worth trying no matter what at this price but at the same time I'm not sure the RTT is a place to compromise...
  8. Upcoming Lethal Performance Procal Sale

    I see the @LethalPerformance Procal sale coming up. Curious if anyone knows when the 24MY will have a Procal released by Ford Performance or if this current version will work.
  9. Bronco Build Scheduled - Decisions on Initial Mods

    2024 Heritage w/2.7L. Scheduled for build week of 1/29. Making final decisions on initial mods now so I can go ahead and purchase and give dealer a heads-up on what I want them installing before it leaves dealership. Would appreciate feedback from more experienced Bronco owners. Ford...
  10. Check in if you have AWE 0FG Catback Exhaust and are happy with it?

    Preparing to purchase and have done a lot of research. I've read just about every thread in the forums and I get that there are lots of opinions. I've researched the top 5 or 6 options and gone pretty far down the rabbit hole (even to the point of comparing the grade of SS each is manufactured...
  11. 24 MY Intake Options

    I got the scheduled build date and VIN for my 24 4DR HE today. I have been working on a list of performance mods I want to make immediately. I settled on the K&N intake for the 2.7L and reached out to them today to see if the same intake that fit the 21-23's would be right for the 24. They sent...