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  1. Bronze Method 703s Actual Coloring

    I have these.
  2. Method Center Cap Removal

    There is not good way without risking damaging the existing cap without removing the wheels. What is crazy is Ford Accessories now sells the method wheels with the new center caps for the same price.
  3. FordPass App v5.0 Launched

    I like the response times. However, they are pushing google maps. If you want to view vehicle location its only shared with google maps. Prior version was just an address that would open with your preferred maps app, in my case apple maps.
  4. New high end LED pods at Harbor Freight

    I get it. I have one of their aluminum floor jacks which is fantastic. Some items are pretty good. in this case you can’t compare quality of a chinese knockoff LP4 to a Baja LP4.
  5. New high end LED pods at Harbor Freight

    High end and harbor freight don’t belong in the same sentence.
  6. New Rear FS-15 SERIES DV8 bumper installed

    Ahh. Now that i zoom in i see they are just plugs. Thanks.
  7. New Rear FS-15 SERIES DV8 bumper installed

    Interesting the side sensors face straight back instead of outwards. Notice any issues? Cross traffic still work as well?
  8. Changing tire size breaks AWD module?

    Wow what a scam. I would question if they actually adjusted tire size.
  9. Rhode Island Sold: Sasquatch Wheels WITH TPMS

    I just got a set of ford method wheels installed. Selling my stock Sasquatch wheels off my badlands. Great condition. TPMS sensors are included. Set of 5. $600. Local pickup only
  10. My B&O Upgrade - factory amp

    Definitely. I only have them due to some good used deals that worked out.
  11. Added Puddle Lights to my Mid Package BD side mirrors! (Video added)

    its the same pin as the driver side.
  12. Uneven Front Hardtop Panels

    You can easily adjust the latch points to fix this. You need to pull down the overhead console to get access to the latch plate bolts. They adjust up/down.
  13. Save 25% on Ford wheels and accessories through 5/5/2024 -- official discount code: WHEEL25

    I just ordered the bronze set a few days ago. I should cancel that and pickup yours! We both would win.
  14. Help!!! Kings made my steering wonky.

    Wonder if bump steer is playing a role. Maybe in 4A you are getting more squat which results in the front rising up more. From your pics in post 29 the tie rods definitely don’t look parallel to the LCA.
  15. Cloth Heated Seats - What Years and Models?

    I don’t believe you need to seek out heated cloth. The heating element is a separate pad that should work with any cloth seat.
  16. My B&O Upgrade - factory amp

    So i originally followed this thread to upgrade my system as it sounded pretty poor for the "premium" B&O system with the lux package. Ford should be embarrassed. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/b-o-sound-system-complete-upgrade-done-%E2%9C%85.41031/ Instead of kickers I grabbed some...
  17. Ford "Dark Car" mode via Forscan?

    Its possible. Definitely not for everyone as it disables all lights when doors are opened including interior lights.
  18. Which Apex valve stem on 703s?

    Awesome. Thanks.