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  1. Powdercoat option to match Badlands Orange

    I am looking to powder coat the trim ring on some Sas take offs and ordered a few swatches from Prismatic Powders to match the color. Carrot Curry is a dead match, but the color itself is rather blah. Sunrise Pearl is very close as well and a much more vibrant color. Taking the pictures in the...
  2. Nebraska WTB: rear sway bar assembly for full size Bronco

    Looking to buy a rear sway bar assembly off of 2022 and up full size Bronco for my mall crawler. Let me know if you have one for sale. TIA.
  3. Nebraska WTB - Rear Sway Bar assembly

    As stated above. Looking for the rear sway bar assembly featured on WildTrak models. If you have one available for sale, please PM me.
  4. Rear Cupholder option

    Needed something in the back for the kid and his friends to place their drinks. This fits perfect. The color that would be probably be closest to the MGV was graphite but they were out of stock and I didn't want to wait the 14-16 weeks for delivery. This 'SVO Gray' was the closest and in stock...
  5. Please make a Bestop Sunrider for 4-door that replaces front 3 panels

    I am dedicated to getting a hard top. I live where there is snow 6 months of the year, regularly transport large items in the back of my Jeep, and want to have a level of security when parking downtown. I plan on having valuables in the back like a sub box and portable VIAIR air compressor. I...
  6. Hardtop availability for 2022?

    Does anyone have any inside information on how this is going to work? I believe I read that Webasto lost their contract, but appear to still be producing them in low quantities and that a new vendor will come on at some point in the future? What is the inside scoop on mass availability of...
  7. Jeep offering Gorilla Glass windshields for JL / JT

    Jeep Adds Gorilla Glass Windshield Option to Gladiator & Wrangler (roadandtrack.com) We all know that the steep angle of the JK / JL / JT windshield makes them prone to impact damage, so it looks like Jeep is offering a stronger glass windshield. Given the slope of the Bronco windshield I...
  8. Rear Center Brake Lamp. Adjustable?

    One question that I have that I haven't seen addressed is whether or not the rear center brake light assembly is adjustable to adapt to larger tires on the back like the JL has. Anyone know?