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  1. tailgate reinforcement weight limits?

    Does anyone have a guess on what the weight limits are for the two types of tailgate reinforcement? I see one type re-uses the standard hinges, while the other types replace those hinges.
  2. amp power cable routing

    Is there a recommended routing of the power cable to get to the subwoofer area? I'm planning to route 4ga there. Any rubber grommets i should order?
  3. hood rack?

    Is there such thing as a rack that goes across the front of the hood? maybe to mount a slim rotopax liquid canister or recovery equipment? Seems like those front mounts are underutilized. @Mabett here’s an idea if you’re looking for new items to sell to Bronco suckers.
  4. Easy trails in the socal area?

    I’m looking for an easy 2-3 night trail in the SoCal area. I’m ok with camping, just not experienced with trail camping. Suggestions?
  5. 2dr dsp/amp that fits stock location?

    The Mobridge amp/dsp combo is everything I want, but it won’t fit the 2dr. Is there a dsp/amp with similar specs that will fit and is nearly as plug-n-play? plans are to upgrade the dsp/amp and subwoofer first and then consider replacing other speakers.
  6. 2dr mount points behind front seats?

    When I haul things in the back with the rear seats down I’d like to hook tie down straps into rings so I can keep stuff from shifting around. Are there any mount points behind the front seats for such a purpose?
  7. Speakers occasionally not working

    Noticed this last weekend. Started up the vehicle played some music , and there left front was gone. Used the balance to confirm. Held power and right arrow buttons to reset and it came back. Again yesterday only the rear speakers were working. It was a short trip so I didn’t do anything...
  8. good hitch basket? anyone regret the basket they bought?

    Looking for a decent hitch basket. Ideally something that doesn't need to be removed in order to open the tail gate and can also be folded so it's not in the way when not in use but still attached. the rukrac seems to be the closest to what i want but its more of a permanent install.
  9. 4 Person Tent that fits inside a 2-door?

    I have a short entrance to my garage that prevents me from installing roof racks. I’m really interested in the Gazelle t4 but its packed size is pretty long and i would have to fit it sideways which really limits what else I can carry. Is there a roomy, tall 3 or 4 person tent that fits into a...
  10. Air dam?

    Preface: I dont care that I get 19mpg. This is simply a thought exercise. Would an air dam make a significant impact to highway mpg? If so I wonder if a detachable air dam could be made for the longer highway trips.
  11. right rotation when braking hard?

    I was on a soft sand/dirt road this evening and a rut appeared so i braked fairly hard. The vehicle rotated to the right. the steering wheel didn't feel like it was pulling. I tried it a few more times at different areas, going uphill, etc. I noticed this a little bit on pavement but didn't...
  12. iOS app: links open in browser but also in app with no way back

    In iOS when selecting a link, it will open the browser as expected. Going back to the app though the link has also been opened but no controls exist. The only option is to close the app, kill it, and reopen. The expected options would be to either not open the link inside the app, or the app...
  13. CA: how long until your plates arrived?

    my paper license plates expire at the end of the month. How long did it take for you to get your metal ones? I’m in California/Los Angeles. Update: plates we shipped a while ago via ups and were ‘delivered’ but never showed up. I signed up for AAA and got replacements, they waived the...
  14. iOS app bug: holding a users avatar brings up the share tray

    If you hold a users avatar on ios, the share tray pops up.
  15. Custom sub box for 10”?

    I have a 10” jlaudio 10tw3 that I would like to use. Does anyone make a custom sub box that would fit in the stock subwoofer location? I called jlaudio and they won’t sell their stealth box without the speaker.
  16. Molle panel for the 2 door driver side window only?

    I'm looking for a molle panel for only the driver side window. I've seen a few kits that include both the driver and passenger. Anyone know if any are sold individually?
  17. CarPlay causing overheating?

    2023 wildtrak lux. I’ve noticed CarPlay seems to overheat my iPhone. If I used wired and position the phone so it’s not wirelessly charging it still gets pretty warm. if I disable CarPlay and just use Bluetooth for audio it cools off. my other vehicle doesn’t have this problem with CarPlay...