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  1. Auto Start/Stop malfunction. Manual Restart Required

    Went to get in my Bronco after work today and it turned on fine and was running for about 15 seconds before it turned off and showed me a message that says “auto start/stop malfunction. Manual Restart Required” I was able to turn it back on like normal and drove it home for 30 miles just fine...
  2. Is the bubbling/gurgling noise normal?

    Sorry in advance if this has been posted/answered already but wanted to check if anyone else hears gurgling right after turning off their Bronco? Happens to me every now and then it last about 5 seconds. I checked the coolant level and it’s all the way up to the max
  3. What’s this metal piece under my Bronco?

    Had my Bronco (4door HE 2.3 Auto) for about a month now and I just noticed a curved metal piece bolted in right under the passenger side only. Doesn’t seem to be covering anything so I’m not sure if I should remove it or keep it. Anyone else has something similar?
  4. New Bronco 2.3 weird rattle/rotating noise when idling

    Just picked up my new Heritage Edition last week and so far it’s been driving great with no issues. Couple of days ago, I was sitting in the car after I got from work and I noticed a weird faint rotating/chirping noise coming from what seems to be behind the bake pedal. I thought it might be a...
  5. Are Broncos Leasing?

    With the interest rates being ridiculously high, I'm considering leasing my Bronco once it finally makes it with the intent to possibly doing a buyout/refinance once rates regulate. My dealer said at the moment they can't lease it through Ford Financial but they can lease it through other banks...
  6. Texas Sold: Need help finding a part number

    On Friday I took my Bronco for detailing. Yesterday I noticed a missing rubber plug from one of the doors. I'm guessing it must've fell while at the carwash. I tried looking for a part number but unfortunately no luck. I also tried finding something similar online but I'm not getting anywhere...
  7. Hello from THE fine state of Texas

    Hey everyone, so happy to be a part of this awesome community! A little bit about myself, I live in in Texas near the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I finally Picked up my 23 Bronco Big Bend + Sasquatch Package on December 20th! What a great way to end the year and start 2023 fresh with a new set of...